Im not rich enough to run for President, Im afraid

I appreciate the “dozens ” of you who suppported my toying with the idea of throwing my hat(i dont have , but would like a hat) into the presidential Carnival Of Clowns, but my aspirations are not well grounded in reality.

Although well qualified ; I have not called anybody any names (altho I might in the future), I have not been offended by Carly Fiorinas face, and told the media so. I have not implied that I wanted to have sex with my own daughter (If I had a daughter), as The Donald has done. He wants to build a 1600 or a 1900 mile wall between us and Mexico, so our women will stop being mugged and raped and we can get that job at taco bell serving rat meat.  Of course as you adults with brains know, we are a country of immigrants….ask The Donalds wife, Melania…..or his exwife Ivanka(or is that his daughter….Im confused)  Not from this country……pretty sure……

But its not just Donald the entertainer……..Its all of them , really….Im sorry Kids…you whose future is going to be determined by the next 8 years more than mine will. Ive done what I can in my life for almost 40 years Ive campaigned, ive voted, Ive knocked on doors , made phone calls, joined worthy causes, talked to anyone who would listen about the importance of fixing our country and the theings that are falling apart and the people who live here, who are like cartoon charachters(Im sure Ive spelled that wrong, sorry).  Hilary……I loved her as first Lady, I love how she stood by Bills side, despite his sperm being on his interns dress. That must have been hard…..for Hilary…..obviously for Bill it was…..well….never mind

I lived in New York , she was a wonderful Senator….google her accomplishments , there are many. As secretary of State…well the verdict is out apparently…..she may have overstepped ……she may have been too ambitious, Im not sure….but its hurt her…….Shes not great at running a campaign either….she doesnt come across as genuine…..I think shes trying too hard to be tough, because shes a woman, and a target…I feel for her……I hate that people hate her. But im afraid she probably wont get the nomination after all…..many thought it was ineveitable…..but….well….its still a bit early ….tho the conventions are less than a year away now.

Bernie sanders, ben Carson, Carly Fiorina…..they are the anti politicians….supposedly…..but none of them are getting elected…….yknow I think I like Jeb Bush more than the other two……and yet , hes said and done some stupid things and look how easily Donnie has kicked him around already…..

So, as someone near and dear to me said to me the other day…..what do i do?   I feel like a man without a country…….My heart goes out to him….I had no answers….i told him it was early……who knows what could happen between now and election day……he believes we need a forward thinking, forceful, no nonsense person in the White House…..I agree….thats the kind of President i would have been!!!    i would have kicked out everyone in congress and the Senate….make them all run again, prove to america that they belong there…..the congress has a 15% approval rating !!!!   For Gods sake….of course we are being laughed at…..We cant run our own house…..and we’re trying to run the world!!!!!

I can go on, Im sure Ive bored you to death already……so many of you could give two shits about politics….i find that sad too, but it is what it is.  Hopefully ill be gone before that first huge glacier melts and floods out tens of thousand s of people…………Anybody got opinions….feedback ….remarks….wanna tell me how Bobby Jindal or martin O malley (who???) are gonna save America… all ears…….

Thanks for the Support…….Im still Weighing it To Run or Not To run?

In summary, the minimum criterion needed to run for presidency is comply with three guidances in the constitution:- Be a native born citizen- Be at least 35 years old- Must have lived in the United States for at least 14 years.

If you plan on campaigning and getting on state electoral ballots you must file with the FEC, and meet the requirements set by each state’s election committees.

Ok So Ive done a little research, apparently I can run for President just for fun and I dont have to do anything really….which is kind of stupid. I have done stupid before….so im not throwing out that option yet!! I meet the criteria above and if im just being stupid, I apparently dont have to file any paperwork either, I can just go outside and start yelling things at people……

If i want to run a serious campaign, as if I might actually try to win this thing, Ive got to file with the federal election commitee…..and tell them i plan on raising money and spending money……of course I dont have any money……one of the reasons im running is I hear the salary is pretty good…..and the kitchen at the white House is just fully stocked and at my disposal like 24/7!!!!     So thats intriguing

Im pretty sure if im actually gonna do this I need a “Platform” to run on….by the way If Im gonna do this Im running as an independent, I dont want to be affiliated with any party. The Average American party really is what I should be running as. Im not sure if I can make one up….but if I can , Its going to be something Like that. So   lets see, Some of you kinda like what Im saying tho you dont agree fully with all my positions yet, but we can work thru that, there doesnt seem to be a big divide. Some of you want to support me , but theres a “real” Jew running…..Bernie Sanders and apparently alot of you are growing quite fond of him. Me too….by the way…….When I was young and we were a semi religious family , he has what my mom would call Chutzpah!  A good Guy….alot of people , especially republicans are calling him a socialist. And the people i know that love him, and i gotta tell you its mostly Twenty and thirty somethings interestingly… the red state Of Georgia…..say So-cialist?!  S0-What?!   He says some interesting things, hes getting the crowds, some attention……Ill toot Bernies horn a little here….because Im going to be a non-hateful candidate, should I become one…….Heres a few things Bernie sanders wants…..theyre all kinda common sense….and in broad terms, I want them too….here they are: He wants big money out of politics……..I said that in my first blog, right?    He wants to raise the minimum wage…..and he makes the point that overnight this would help MILLIONS of Americans……It would, I mean who doesnt want minimum wage to be 15 bucks and hour?   A 40 hour week that would be 600 dollars pre tax……..Thats gonna help alot of people right?    Depending on where you live…..thats still barely enough for a family……but certainly better than 7.15? is that right…..Man!!!     How can someone live on that???   So thats crazy and we have to figure that out……I have some pretty radical ideas on this, but we’re not gonna get into them right now….back to Bernie :   He wants to invest in alternative energy……we’ve come along way on this, but obviously not enough…….we can create alot of jobs, we can create even more jobs once we are successfula nd we can import that know-how to other countries…..we have to care for the planet…..We need to clean up the air….we need solar, wind and yes, maybe even nucleur energy….and for my conservative friends… not against natural gas per se, either. Im open on it, if we can find a safe way to harness it.

All right , enough about Bernie……Bernie of course cant do any of these things, if we are still stuck with a gridlock in congress and the senate. And I think thats where we need to focus alot of attention. For those of you who dont follow politics closely…….please look at this link….it shows you how long some people in congress and the senate have served being re-elected over and over and over and over again!!!!!   Check this out!!!

so thats pretty startling, dont you think?   I think so, and Im not saying they are all bad, but talk about a dysfuctional family the 100 memebers of the senate and 565?   (something like that ) members of congress they stop so many bills and ammendments and laws and change from happening. And it for all intensive purposes renders the President Powerless. This is what always seems to happen theres a Democratic president, A repuplican majority in the house and the senate can go back and forth every couple of years….the point is its probably been since John F kennedy when we have had a president that was able to reach across both parties and get things done. Well thats been 50 years….and its way past time for that crap to stop!!!   How do we get that done?   Well obviously I would be naive if I said its gonna be easy….Nothing is easy! But like i said in my first blog…..we need to stand together as Americans twenty year olds , 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90 year olds too and say……..This is our Country….You work for us!!!   Get your act together or get Out!!!!   Oh people are calling me naive and stupid and ignorant now… me…….and thats the problem…..and thats where we need to start……..If youre angry at the democrats….Let it Go…..if youre angry at the republicans …let it Go!!!     Weve got to change….weve got to get serious as a freaking Heart attack.!!!    take it from someone who has had one(or two)!!!     Play time is over…..debating on Facebook is Bullshit!!    unfriending and calling every politician we dont like , 4 letter words and racist and insulting names…….thats not who we are…..And If IT IS who we ARE……then …we ARE in trouble……….So……Im saying once again……Every one of these people running right now are career politicians , or have the ambition to be career politicians, theyre power hungry, they think they have the answers buit its the same ol, same ol….over and over again………When Hilary Clinton or Jeb Bush can live a year in my shoes….or yours my friends………then maybe I wouldnt have to come out and push this stuff…….But they can go to teh iowa state fair and eat all the damn deep fried food that they want for the cameras……..They dont know the average Americans life….they dont know about making a monthly budget to make sure your mortgage is paid and your credit cards are paid and you might have enough left over at the end of the month to go to the movies and stop at Chilis!!!!!    We Deserve A Better America……….Im waiting for one of these candidates to talk to me about this stuff…..but so far none of them are…… My hats not in the ring yet…..and i have as much chance of becoming president as i do at winning 100 million dollars at powerball…..But I play powerball…………

I am considering running for President

Yeah….that sounds pretty extreme doesnt it?  Well heres my credentials: Im an American citizen and Ive loved this country for a large portion of my life. I have 25 years in Retail Management experience where I made daily tough decisions, regarding meeting payroll as well as sales oals and especially being held accountable for the companys Profit and Loss. I have owneda very successful wedding business with my wife and another Dis Jockey business with my best friend . I am currently the owner of a Film and Video to Digital Media transfer service. I have a lovely wife of 30 years, I have a 29 year old son who is a first year associate ata wonderful law firm in New York city. I have a 25 year old son who just received his Masters in Political science from Georgetown university, and is pursuing his doctorate while living in Nebraska , supporting his girlfriend who is in her first year of Creighton Medical school. I have 2 Rescue lab Mixes and if I had the land and the money and the room , my wife and i would probably open our own rescue, in which case i might not have time to run for President.

I have been active in politics , since i saw Hubert Humphrey campaign in my hometown of Levittown , Ny in 1968……I was 11 years old. I like him, I liked his voice, i dont know what he was talking about really…..except I heard him say Vietnam alot…..But I was for him.

I campaigned for George Mcgovern when I was 15…..maybe a mistake as was my allegiance to Michael Dukakis…….but ya live , ya learn. I had my best financial years durning the Reagan years, and into the 1st term of the Clintons

I liked the Gipper, I liked Bill.

But now my friends….Now is a terrble terrible time for the country, for the world, for politics and politicians. Citizens United has made a joke out of campaigns. Being able to give Billions of dollars to a candidate. thats pretty crazy and pretty shady down the line if that candidate gets elected , lets be honest. The folks that handed out that kind of money to get someone elected is gonna come a knockin at your door for a long time, anytime, day or night……and theyre gonna want candy in return for their money. dont be naive about that!!!     DEmocrat or republican….that happens, thats happened, thats gonna happen. That needs to be overturned. thats very unhealthy. 

So im looking at whats going on with The Donald…..and Im truly fascinated……and yet i get it! Its like the guy Howard(cant think of his lAST NAME) from the movie Network: Im Mad As Hell and Im Not gonna Take it Anymore!!!    Thats what this reality host has tapped into…….Peoples anger…..the stuff some americans are thinking , but are afraid to say themselves……So its great  Trump comes out and he says , Screw iran, Ill take care of them   (?)       and were gonna build a wall around an entire country, because theyre rapists and murderers and they get jobs here and their kids who were born here cant stay here either, even tho they are American citizens ,by law….donalds making them leave

He says hes gonna make 11 million immigrants just pack up and leave and Mad as hell people all over the country are going yeah! yeah!    KLets Kick these Rapists out and hop over to one of Donnies casinos and play some blackjack!.

So Im not gonna get into the clown car with these 25 other candidates….Dems and Gops alike……Im just gonna run myself. hey I dont know much about foreign policy….except the basics, Im gonna have to keep a nice mix of knowledgeable people around me…..but all Bipartisan…….and Nobodys gonna push me around……or they cant be around me…….gotta start fixing things…..and we are gonna have to do some serious multitasking!!!!….and i dont care about your ideaology…….you can be any religion you want, practice any religion you want….as long as youre using that religion for good, to seek comfort , to pray to your god, to ask forgiveness, to mourn your losses……jews protestants , catholics, Muslims buddhists….who cares….be peaceful, be generous, Be kind and the world can be a better place and we will try not to step all over your beliefs…..but you have to understand where religion ends and common sense takes over…..all these social issues cannot be fought, won or lost by putting religion into it. Abortion….Roe v Wade….Im against abortion…..I dont want to see it, It saddens me…..not as a religious person, just as a normal person with feelings…..Its a horrible thing. But sometimes its necessary……and its none of my business or your business how a woman chooses to deal with a pregnancy….whether its rape or incest or poverty…..Its a tragedy, but a woman must be entitled to choose. She cant be burned at the stake as a witch. Those days are long gone my friends and there is a country and world to fix, so our kids and Grandkids have a planet to live on  when we are gone. 

I abhor wars. i dont think we should have the right to send our kids into war to risk their lives. So there can never be a draft again. If the proud men and women of our country see fit to enlist in our military, Bless them and lets do everything humanly possible to protect them and keep them safe and bring bthem home as quickly as possible. I will not enter a war, that is none of our business. Im sorry, I know there is strong feelings about this, but for reasons I just stated, we cannot be the policemen of the world any longer. There are approximately 500,000 armies in various countries in the middle east….and isis is a fraction of that. If these countries want isis destroyed , and I believe they should….well let them make that committment and do it. Unless we are directly threatened, Unless there is an attack on our land….we will not go to war. 

I believe we have to seriously become fiscally responsible. we talk and we talk and we talk about less government and cutting pork from the budget, but we are not doing enough, we are not looking deep enough into the money being spent on nonsense. Every president says he is going to do this, but it doesnt get dione…..i cant begin to fathom, the money that can be found if we looked deep and hard into non essential studies and research going on everywhere in this country. Yes Research, science is important…..but not to spend millions of diollars to see if geese can fly faster given certain vitamins and hormones. Come on! lets cut that crap out of our system. have you ever seen the movie Dave? Where kevin Kline becomes the duplicate President and he brings in Charles Grodin, his hometown acccountant to balance the budget…..and he does it!!! And yes, its just a movie, but I truly believe that money is there and we are not using it correctly!! And what is correctly…….We can start by Having our policemen be subject to more psychological evaluations and testing before being sent out on the streets witha gun in his hand. We can create more programs to show whites and blacks that we are not all that different……that none of us are all that different….we all lookdifferent , but we all want the same thing…..a safe place for our families to live and a reasonable living income, so that no child, no family should be starving or have to live off government subsidies. 

Theres so much more….but the bottom line is every politician gets caught up in the Washington Brainwash. And someone has to step up and say enough is enough!!! Once and for all. No more playing politics…..Lets get to work….on the hard things not just the easy things…..and if congress and the senate have a hard time with that ….then maybe its time to seriously consider term limits, out with the old and in with new smart progressive, hungry people who want to leave their good mark on the world. it can be done….It doesnt take a bIllion dollars! It doesnt take a rocket Scientist……It takes someone…..with a pair of Balls and the discipline to say NO when it doesnt make any sense.     So Im thinking about running for president guys……..Cause nobody else is stepping up and saying the right things…..I never wanted this and i probably stand a snowballs chance in hell…..but damn if Im gonna watch things unfold in the news they way they are!!!!!!!    And every one of you should CARE!!!!    Yeah even you well off folks , who are just so enjoying your later years and your 401k money and eating at nice restaurants and traveling to Italy and Paris and Hawaii like you always wanted to…….I work in a place where adult customers cant read! Where people come in wearing hand me down clothes because they can barely afford to live……This isnt MY America!!!!!     Is it Yours??????     Im done for now….but Im not done!!

Dear Mr. Koch, Thanks for applying, but Fck off Old Man!

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) protects individuals who are 40 years of age or older from employment discrimination based on age. The ADEA�s protections apply to both employees and job applicants. Under the ADEA, it is unlawful to discriminate against a person because of his/her age with respect to any term, condition, or privilege of employment, including hiring, firing, promotion, layoff, compensation, benefits, job assignments, and training. The ADEA permits employers to favor older workers based on age even when doing so adversely affects a younger worker who is 40 or older.”

Just wanted to remind everyone what the LAW is, even tho not many employers pay attention to it.

So I moved to Georgia in November 2012. I didnt look for work until January 2013, and was immediately hired as an associate at a Childrens backyard Swingset Chain at 10 dollars an hour. I was hired because for the last 7 years in New York i was a manager for a competitor making 50,000+ per year. The Manager was 10 years younger than me and had been with the company for a long time. the assistant manager had the intellect of a Georgia peach and was 23 years old and awfully cute with puppy dog eyes , especially when higher management came calling. It was a dead end for me and eventually after 3 months me and the Georgia Peach had some harsh words and I walked out.

Since then I have started my own Home-based Video transfer and duplication business with the help ofa friend who has made me part of his business and website and has held my hand along the way. i am about to enter my 3rd full year and its still not quite sustainable. it has its moments and each year gets better , but its been a slow slow process.

In june of 2014, I applied for a part time job at a used book, video game and record store…..Its a cool atmosphere, Im getting to be around alot of old vinyl and books and guitars……But it doesnt pay very well….to be honest it doesnt pay much more than minimum wage. Again…its just part time……and I do need time to putinto the video business.

except for a few short months where I thought these 2 endeavors, plus my wifes full time job, would be enough to keep us comfortable….i had and am applying to full time jobs , every day, for almost 2 years. I have applied to probably 300 jobs that I am either completely qualified for, or if nothing else, over qualified. I have been doing this because my confidence in the video business shooting to fantastic heights(like my friends has) is lacking a bit. Of all the applications I have spent hundreds of hours filling out (mostly online) One application for a job can literally take 60-90 minutes because nowadays there is usually some sort of personality or assessment test that goes with it……..I have had 2 interviews. One was for selling cars, where it said no experience necessary……but they didnt offer me the job after what i objectively considered a great interview. The other was for an event manager for a one room catering facility, where i had 12 years in the wedding industry and the first person that interviewed me was ecstatic about that, what a fine candidate I was….and she couldnt wait for the owner to come in and talk to me….which he did in short order….went home and never got a phone call or obviously the job. Hmmm…what could have been the objection……The manager of the facility thought I was perfect.Could it have been that AARP thing that I am obviously a part of?

Of the almost 300 jobs I have applied for , these were the only 2 interviews I got. well, you say…..How could they know your age . they are not allowed by law to ask you your age. And yet , theyve all gotten around asking that question directly by asking you one or both of these questions.   1) Please tell us what high school you attended and what year did you graduate??   or 2) what college did you attend , if any and what years did you attend there?   Hmmmmmmmmm       hmmmmmmmmm I say again!!!!!

Over the last 25 years , i have mostly been a retail manager. In several industries. I managed aN Eckerd Pharmacy for 5 years, I managed the swingset place for 7 years. i managed Blockbuster video in its prime for almost 4 years.   And i cant even get a phone call or an interview for a retail managers job, an assistant retail managers job, a retail department mangers job……..NOT EVEN and Interview!!!     I have gotten a hundred rejection emails……I got one 2 weeks ago an hour after I applied for the job, saying “after careful consideration, we have decided not to pursue you any further for a position with us”    HUH????    WTF?!

I have all the experience

I have been successful at every one of my jobs

I have great references

so , altho I am continuing to send out resumes, because people keep telling me , I just have to catch the right person on the right day for the right job…………I am pretty pissed, and frustrated and a little self-pitying(word?)

I feel better health-wise than I have in a long time, I quit smoking….one year ago today(thank you very much!!)   Ive lost alot of weight, im eating better, Ive got a ton of enthusiasm, lots of energy……of course none of these prospective employers would know that…..because they dont want to even meet me on an interview.    My age tells them enough apparently, all they need to know.

Ill give you a partial list of Companies, Im pretty sure are breaking the laws of age discrimination:

Dicks sporting goods, who have rejected me twice in one year for 2 different positions

CarMaxx, who rejected me…..then i wrote a nasty email accusing them of age discrimination, then they emailed me and told me they made a horrible mistake, they DID want to interview me…..and they will….but first could I write them another email saying I didnt mean to accuse them of age discrimination…..whioch i did and then 2 minutes later I emailed them again and said Fuck you….i dont want to work for you!



Barnes and Noble

Rite Aid


Many , Many smaller companies that are too long to type…..but trust me.

I can probably go to wal-mart or mY local grocery store and get a full time job stocking shelves for 9 bucks an hour….but remember a full time job is probably going to mean giving up the video business for the most part……and I cant live on 360 dollars a week.

Because despite what people think……”Lets move to North carolina or georgia….the cost of living is so much cheaper than new York”

Not so much……Because people forget to take ceratin things into consideration:

yes….Housing is cheaper down south….whether you rent (like we are doing right now) or buy. And thats about where it ends. We take our 2 car payments with us from NY…so that bill is the same, student loans we pay off for our kids, that doesnt change, credit card debt, thats still the same too. our verizon bill…exactly the same….Shopping for food down here….is as if not more expensive than NY. Shopping for anything is just as expensive . Clothes are the same price , jewelry is the same price, fast food is the same price, restaurants are the same price…….and guess what…….Youre only making half the money that you made in NY!!!!     yeah…Gas is about 20-40% cheaper at any given time ….but after everything else I just told you….So F’ing what!

But Im digressing a little bit….and here I go again…..apologizing to gloria , for not being positive…….but despite what Ive been ranting about ….Hey! im positive, im staying positive…….I have to stay positive…..Cause im not gonna roll up into a ball and give up!!

But friends ….if you work for one of these companies that are discriminating……and youre in a position to do something about it…..Please make a difference AND DO IT!!!

Because getting older sucks bad enough…..but we’re not invisible, we still have alot to offer……and we’re not going down without a fight   We are still part of Mankind

Mankind — that word should have new meaning for all of us today.

We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore.

We will be united in our common interests.

We’re fighting for our right to live, to exist.

“We will not go quietly into the night!

We will not vanish without a fight!

We’re going to live on!

We’re going to survive!”

Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!

Where the Fck Have I been?

I was reminded today by a lifelong(almost lifelong) friend who is celebratin 25 years with my other lifelong buddy…….Yay!!!……that she looks forward to my blogs( and tho I thought……why on Earth?)   I decided its been way too long …I dont have one particular subject to talk to you guys about…..but theres a few things going on:  

Jon Stewart:    Leaving the Daily show…..yknow we were on the cusp of a generation who were sad to see johnny carson go….but we werent as attached to him , like our parents were…..we welcomed in David letterman with open arms…he spoke to us……now we lose Leno, Letterman , craig Ferguson (who I think was incredibly under-appreciated for 10 years) Colbert, and now Stewart………Still, if he has to go, Im gonna nominate Kanye to take his place….hes just been so endearing to people recently, he seems to be just as nice and a funny funny guy like Jon…….so lets hope for that

Paul McCartney;   People are all over Macca for teaming up with Kanye and rihanna and doing that song with them…….I mean listen…Paul is royalty, he and his massive ego are trying to stay relevant at 73 years old…Give him a break……If he wants to play with the kids , i think hes earned that right…..As keith Moon said at the premiere of Tommy Live….when the audience wouldnt calm down….”Have some respect!!! Its a Fucking opera!!!”           I dont know what that has to do with paul…..there both British and i felt like throwing in one of my favorite Keith moon quotes

Obama and my High school reunion……..I pretty much dont defend alot of things hes done …..But unlike some of my (mostly High school friends) and some of my family…..I dont want to “kick him out ‘ as pam said…..I think why doesnt the US get some balls and Kick this asshole out….was the exact quote…..well    I just dont think we’re set up for that pam (oops i said a name) ….Not something we can just do…..but yknow if you and some friends want to go try….good luck with that……btw…obliterate isis and syria and iraq and iran if thats what it takes…as liberal as you think I am…Im all for it….Lets Roll!!!     another friend from HS suggested we throwed him out… really thats what she said…….I suggested we invite him to dinner and put him in a large pot of boiling water, add some carrots and other root vegetables and make him into a delicious Kenyan Broth…….then we throwed him out.      so I think im not gonna be welcome by many of my high school mates as I tend to be sarcastic and occasionally mean when they act like assholes and say asanine things…..and the people i really want to see arent even going…… i may have to rethink my maybe rsvp………But i do need to get to Ny and visit some of my forever mates….even the neocon ones that inspired me to write this blog tonight….I love you guys…as long as we dont talk politics…….i mean we can , but im gonna talk to you in my best bugs bunny voice …..oh my family….right….well  I love them with all my heart, I really do……has proof, well not real proof, but its a strong belief…that indeed Obama is a Muslim trying to make us teh laughingstock of the world…….He hates…I repeat…HE HATES America…….and is to blame for eveything wrong with the world today….except he keeps trying to distract us with this global warming silliness……i mean thats for our kids and grandkids to worry about even if it is true….right?   we’ll be dead…..According to some scientists , its too late to do anything about it now……so we should concentrate on bombing the crap out of (not in alphabetical order…….cause its really late)    Iraq, iran, syria, saudi Arabia, Pakistan, afghanistan, Darfur, Nigeria…….pretty much everyone except england …..mostly because of monthy python and ricky gervais………

ok ….im gonna cut this a little short tonight, but ill tell you a personal anecdote first….i know thats what you guys come here to read ……ok….so heres one……i was in my early 20’s and a girl who i was living with for a few months is having an affair….i know shes having an affair only because her boyfriend called me reallly drunk from a rangers game….and he said Im really fucken sorry dude, but ive been sleeping with your girlfriend, i think i love her……i know that sucks for you, but like i just wanted to be honest about it……… we had a laugh and hung up…..confronted the girl the next day and all is confirmed, but she loves both of us , shes gonna take a few days and go to her moms (YEAH!!! HER MOMS….Thats what she said!!!!) to think things thru……….me being a polite , calm kinda guy , said ok honey….you go on now …kisses to your mom….drive carefully………so a couple days later my dad , whos now just short of elderly (i was an accident, my dad was like 50 when he had me, when my mom had me , of course) so now hes like in his early 70’s ….a sweet guy and he always had to put up with my craziness….like this night when he stops by for a visit and my girlfriend just came back from her stay at moms…..ahem……and i was high on something…….weed probably…….really high actually….so high that while my dad and girlfriend are sitting in the living room, I decided i would go dress up like adolf Hitler….i had a mustache…I shaved it to Hitler likeness, put on some old army jacket i had and some stupid helmet I had…..and i walked into the living room, as if everything was normal and just sat down next to them………nobody said a word about how i was dresssed, i had normal conversation, was slightly sarcastic to girlfriend which went over dads head and that was the end of that evening….no big dramatic ending that I can remember…..just the lunacy that thuis girl brought out in me, i thank everything that is sacred that she was quickly out of my life, and thats all I have to say about that (forrest gump style)

and finally ….I always liek to mention my wife Gloria ……soon to be 30 years with me…..I know she reads this stuff and i know shes gonna hate this one….but i know she knows , sometimes Im just an asshole…..I love you baby…….Peace Kids….thanks for reading….we’ll get to some important stuff next time , i promise


yeah…….its been a while.  Mi Bad?  Ive stopped sleeping on the couch, so I dont wake up every night at exactly 4am anymore….sometimes its 3 , sometimes its 5…..but now that Im used to the bed again….I rush back to it after my drink of water and snack….and Tums.

No, btw….I wasnt forced to sleep on the couch, It just became a habit during the summer…..and then i couldnt get myself out of it….not till I started having neck and shoulder problems and Gloria convinced me I needed to stop sleeping on the couch… I did…….and i wound up writing less….sorry!!

So…..for a while , I thought at some point I was going to talk about age…and aging…….but I held off, cause it seemed that might just turn into a depressing mess. But a couple of things have made me think I can approach the subject from a slightly different angle.    First thing…..Last few weeks , all my high school friends are posting about the BIG hs reunion coming up in October, and people started finding old pics of me when i was 17 and at my graduation……….Ive been having some really excellent memories of high school, the theater arts program I was involved in…..all the people I was surrounded with….really great Times……doing the shows at school really helped me get through the things I hated about high School.     another thing  is Im in the middle of reading Stephen Kings New Book “revival’     Im really caught up in it….as I usually am with Mr King…..but this ones hitting pretty cl;osse to home…..the main charachter picks up the guitar and finds out he really likes playing that rock n roll music….he gets into a band and theyre playing at their school dances, playing Brown eyed Girl and Hang on sloopy and Wild Thing and Cherry Cherry……….and then the pretty girl who he was always afraid to talk to kisses him during the bands break and they go steady….and soon theyre 17 and getting their licenses and smoking a little pot before their gigs…….and having sex….but not all the way sex quite yet…….

Anyway…..again…….really brings me back……Life was similar for me….although this charachter is slightly older…….So the book really is what got me to start writing this tonight   i realized how much our lives revolve around time……I mean , in small ways it plays a part throughout our lives….time……but at some point in life…..and its absolutely a different point for everyone, depending on how your life is unfolding…….Time becomes a very real and tangible thing…..and you think about it alot.

-hey wasnt that a really great time?

-yeah i remember that time, that was horrible

-isnt it time we did that?

-when are we ever going to have the time to do that?

-should we tell them now, or wait for another time?

-how much time does he have left?

-How much time do i have left?

-those were the best times of my life

-these are the best times ive ever had

-remember the time you told me……

-there was a time when you would have never felt that way

-we have all the time in the world!

-we dont have that much time left

-Time has come today(see opening song!)

so….you see where Im going here? The concept of time is always surrounding us…….and yes I think obviously even moreso as we get a little older. Now i know people who dont become slaves to time, they just get up every day and if its sunday they do what they do every sunday…..they go out and get the paper, buy some Bagels and Cream Cheese on the way back home….sit around the house , throw on the ball game, laze around on the couch and life is good…..the day went by and there wasnt much thought about time at all. Damn…thats good stuff!

Me? well….I knew youd be anxiously waiting to see what I said about myself on the subject. If I can borrow a trademarked saying from facebook     “Its Complicated”    Like me, I guess. most of you know me pretty well, obviously some better and some much better than others…..but suffice it to say for now, I have had some scary-ish(I dont care if I made that word Up   I LIKE it!!!)    health things happen to me….starting right at 40 years old. and….More than one scary-ish thing.      So I tend to be a little bit more concerned with Time than the bagel and Cream cheese guy.     Sometimes, i can get a little depressed…..and wonder how much time DO i have left?   will I be around to see my kids get married?  Have grandkids? Take my wife to Hawaii, finally?  Sometimes i think…..with my luck….not a chance!    And on my better days, Im like “youre damn straight!!   ill show all of you, and myself Im gonna live another 40-50 years, damnit!”

Well me in my 90’s is pretty scary-ish….I have to be honest……so I dont have a point here, if youre waiting for one…….except for that old cliche:  Remember all the great moments youve had….cause they belong to you, they are still your moments…..and theyre still cool to think about. more importantly… gotta really savor the small and big moments that happen day after day and week after week……None of us do that enough……..If I lose my keys for five minutes and Im sure …this it….this time theyre really gone….but then I see them on the floor under the dining room table……Shit!!!!    Thats a GREAT moment!    You gotta savor that…..How great do you feel that the day and maybe the next day isnt ruined…..because you found your keys……..Well…..Id like to hear your own thoughts on Time……..But for me, Im gonna go grab my guitar, put a bud in the bowl of my pipe and go make out with my wife….ill see you all on the funway!!!

The year Xmas Lost a Koch Tradition

well…..its been 2 weeks since i had the, time or the health or the energy to write something here. not sure if I broke any Federal Blogging rules. WordPress hasnt locked me out of my account yet, so Im assuming, you’ll all get to read this.

The problem with me not writing for so long is I had a dozen things I wanted to write about and i obviously cant cram them ALL in to one post ….because i Know we (and i include myself) dont have that kind of attention span…..

 my feeling is im going to go a little soft and talk about christmas tonight. my sons , Bryan and Justin flew down to georgia to hang with us….Bryan brought his girlfriend and flew in late on xmas eve….they were only able to stay for 4 days due to them both having to get back to work Monday(that sucked….for several reasons, not the least of which is I got some kind of virus on Friday and was basically glued to the bed until Bryan had already left) The 2 days I got to spend with him were intense and incredible and obviously way too short. Justin spent about 8 or 9 days here before he had to get back to school. About 17 0r 18 years ago , the boys and I started a tradition….we would eat dinner together as a family, the 3 boys and Gloria(who you’ll remember from past embarrasing postings) and after dinner , we left Gloria contentedly (word?) at home whilst the three of us went out driving around many neighborhoods looking for the BEST and WORST decorated houses. We Played xmas music, made alot of jokes, were occasionally very rowdy and silly as we jumped out of the car to take pictures of ourselves in front of really badly decorated houses(ie; one bush out of many in front of the house had half a strand of blue lights haphazardly laying across it)………we found these homes as entertaining and amusing as the ones who had spent obviously ridiculous amounts of money lighting up the whole block with all the lights and moving decorations, and music blasting yule time tunes………One year (it was an OLYMPICS ) year…..we made signs before we left with various olympic type scores on them(3.7,5.0, etc etc) and we would hop out of teh car and rate the houses with these signs….taking pictures as we did it….often times, the people who lived in the houses would be coming to their windows or doors and some even coming outside and that just scared the shit out of my boys and they would jump in the car and we would race off , often with my boys yelling silly things like ….you could do so much better at the houses.   We occasionally got carried away….we had greatly successful years and sometimes we would just drive forever and just not find that one glorious house…..but it was fun nonetheless…….even if i was just driving…..from an ealy age thru present day….Justin and Bryan have a way of making each other laugh…..that ive never seen anyone else achieve. Im very lucky. Every trip would end at 7-11. the first couple of years it was just to buy hot chocolate and bring one home for mom, of course… they got older, it was a major grocery stop….subs, chips,cakes and yet still the Hot chocolate……..

maybe 3 or 4 years ago, while still in Ny, the boys were heading home from college for the Holidays and as Xmas eve approached, I said to them (now 19 and 23 years old) “Yknow guys….these last 13 years or so have been so much fun, but you guys have lives, friends, girlfriends….i get it….i was your age just the other day….so we dont have to do this xmas eve thing anymore……Im ok with that”  well, they were mortified, They told me to stop being crazy….This is what we Did….this was OUR time…on xmas eve!!  and so, feeling surprised and relief….out we went.

We continued that until in November of 2012, when Gloria and I moved to georgia. the boys came down in december, but for a number of reasons(i didnt really know my way driving around very well, they didnt have alot of time to stay, they had their girlfriends with them) we decided for that one year only we would take a one year hiatus from our xmas eve tradition.

In 2013 , They were back and we ate dinner on xmas eve and I looked at them and they looked at me and I said” Are We DOING this or What?!”  And off we went…..and altho we didnt see the crazy decorated houses we saw on Long Island …we had fun find ing the few decent ones, the few terrible ones, getting lost, laughing as usual, being rowdy, like old times……no 7-11’s down here so we stopped at a QT which most people below Virginia know as the big Gas Station with a huge 7-11 type store inside.

This year Bryan and his girlfriend didnt fly in till 10pm on xmas eve, by the time we all got home and ate dinner it was almost 1am and everyone was tired…..I sort of sadly said……well, as far as traditions guys….we knew this day would come…..I told them I hope to live long enough to see them carry this on with their own children, they reluctantly agreed it was late….Bryan said…but lets do it another night before I leave….but that didnt happen…probably because I got sick….But the writing is on the wall….that was 2 out of 3 years we didnt do it after 16 or 17 straight years…..It was a good run, It was time with my sons Ill never forget, We have pictures….We have the memories….Its all good. Im choking up quite a bit here….but Really…Its All Good.

I look Good for 95 , right?

  so cmon….whos recording a cover version of this to use for my theme song??!!

So first of all, let me wish myself a happy one month anniversary!!!   I posted my first Blog on November 18th…….ive had close to 600 views, Thank you, especially those of you who put up with my shit regularly!!

I waited a while between blogs , cause I ws doing ablog like every other day…and the Blog Security Team contacted me and apparently I was way past the quota…TMI was going on, so I was chained , waterboarded, forced to watch Kim Jong Un (IL?) tirades and things i cant even repeat here……but heres something ive wanted to talk about for awhile……and im sure it wont be the last time… a matter of fact, go back and read my other 15 posts , im sure I alluded to age at least 3 times….Im just guessing, but i bet im close.

So heres what:  First some anecdotes(these are mostly work related…..because thats where i feel the age thing more than anywhere else) Because i work with 7 year olds……No No….thats not true ….Theyre twenty and thirty somethings for the most part……and listen, Im not gonna get all over their shit for being so young, They Cant HELP it!!

Its not their fault …their parents met and conceived during the grunge revolution (come as you are….i believe Kurt Cobain sang!!)   so yOu have to feel sorry for them, that they dont know who Groucho, chico and Harpo are, or they dont get the reference “I know it was you FRedo!”

Serously tho….so Im hanging with a couple of the twentyish year old girls In the breakroom and we;re talking about High school and how none of us were athletic and we couldnt climb the ropes or do pull ups in gym… we all hated going to gym class, and all the other kids who were stronger than us, would make fun of us , until like 11th or 12th grade and than suddenly everybody became friends……….and im thinking to myself……so yeah….completely different generations…..but we all still experienced the same kinds of things…so we all related to that….and i didnt see them as obnoxious creepy young people anymore( you guys know this is “tongue -in-cheek” right!!??)

so again, (and this is my last attempt at being serious) age, huh, whoa, what is it good for? absolutely Nothing, say it again…….they wont get that…..its possible nobody will get that no matter how old you are… all you people my age , or around my age… know What im talking about……cause we all remember being 18 and 21 and 25 and 30 and 40…….and it all seems like 2 weeks ago alot of the time……and what we know that they dont know…is this…..yeah you could look at as now and say ….wow , it must suck to be that old, but at some point ….trust me…youre gonna be changing your attitude about that…….because you reach a certain age….25, 30 maybe……when it seems like very 2 weeks is your birthday and youre another year older……and yeah in real time it happens gradually….suddenly a gray hair there, you pluck it out, a little (Laugh line?) or wrinkle there…..that circle under your eye starts to get a little darker…..youre suddenly buying clothes just 1 size larger than you used to……..and before you know it………YOU”RE writing this bLog!!!!!!

I know that better Things Are on their way……

…..well folks BIG NEWS!!!    its the 7th and final choice for my theme song…..and thanks to all of your feedback and voting….thousands of people writing in!!!!    Better Things will now be the song played before each of my Posts. written by Ray and Dave Davies of The Kinks….I think the last line of the chorus says it all ” I hope tomorrow, you’ll find Better Things”   I like the sentiment, I Love the song….Its official…..I would like to get someone to record a new version for me, so if you have a band, like I did up till about 2 years ago, i will accept all submissions for great cover versions of this song!! get to Work!! Before I do it myself and i already know I cant hit some of the notes in the chorus anymore!!!

ive got a potpourri, if you will of things to talk about tonight…..none of which are tattoos!!!    Man I took some heat on that one…….But its ok, I got it….alot of you love your tattoos……dont regret any of them….I find it interesting I only heard from guys with tattoos…..I didnt hear from one woman with a tattoo……i heard from women, but they were all on my side….just saying…..I have to say this for my friend DS…..Youre right…Nobody should do or not do anything to themselves because of what I say here. I wasnt here to tell you not to do it. I was here to tell you…’re dead to me if you do!!!!    Im kidding im kidding….everybody relax!

ok Lets start with samuel jackson……ok …so if you didnt see his promo video or read about this…..Sammy is challenging all the celebrities who did the ice bucket challenge to now step up to the plate one more time and videotape themselves singing this song…..I will write the lyrics….theres not a whole lot of melody, trust me:   “I can hear my neighbor crying ‘I can’t breathe,’ now I’m in the struggle and I can’t leave, calling out the violence of the racist police. We ain’t gonna stop till people are free.”       so, yknow…if you havent figured it out by the “I Cant Breathe” line…..this is about Eric garner, the man in New york who was choked to death on camera for selling non taxed cigarettes.   yeah yeah, obviously theres alot more to it than that, especially the fact that the white police officer who choked this Black man to death has no charges against him.   And Im not saying this was racist….Trayvon Martin, what happened in ferguson….I think theres a better case there for racism of some sort……..but 6 cops on this guy, eric garner….hes screaming he cant breathe about 6 times and 10 seconds later he was dead……..somebody does have to be accountable for taking this guys life, right?     Now….I have a hard time seeing Jimmy fallon singing this song, or Taylor swift or many other people….i think alot of pr people and publicists are gonna beg them not to do that…..maybe travolta will step up, definitely Al sharpton……Im outraged sam…I am…sam, I am…..but dude….i think you just need to stand up and say this:

There’s a passage I got memorized. Ezekiel 25:17. “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy My brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon you.” Now… I been sayin’ that shit for years. And if you ever heard it, that meant your ass. You’d be dead right now. I never gave much thought to what it meant. I just thought it was a cold-blooded thing to say to a motherfucker before I popped a cap in his ass. But I saw some shit this mornin’ made me think twice. See, now I’m thinking: maybe it means you’re the evil man. And I’m the righteous man. And Mr. 9mm here… he’s the shepherd protecting my righteous ass in the valley of darkness. Or it could mean you’re the righteous man and I’m the shepherd and it’s the world that’s evil and selfish. And I’d like that. But that shit ain’t the truth. The truth is you’re the weak. And I’m the tyranny of evil men. But I’m tryin’, Ringo. I’m tryin’ real hard to be the shepherd.

(Pulp fiction)

Im sure most of you knew that, Basically i guess what im saying sir, mr jackson…I have Mad respect for you, and I get that youre really pissed….But singing this song is just not gonna fix the problem……but having said that……Thanks at least for trying Sam.

I want to talk about Health and Health Care…..its been on my mind. Lets start off with the General topic of peoples health:  People in this country tend to be less and less healthy while more and more of us seem to say we are eating better and exercising…..why is this? Im not just talking about us 40 and 50 year olds, but people in their 20’s…..i know them, some are close to me……diabetes, arthritis, bad backs, heart issues, hernias…….so?!!   whats going on??   I dont have an answer, Im curious if Im the only one around here noticing this….and as for us a little older…..How many of us feel 5-10 years older than we are??? Im raising my hand! I think our parents generation for the most part felt more vital and healthy later in life… it just puzzles me that with all the growing awareness about bad foods, and how important a healthy weight is and exercising and how bad smoking is……..why are we SOOO unhealthy. We rank last out of 17 affluent countries when it comes to our health!   I read 3 articles just today confirming that.  Something to think about

And while Im on the subject, I want to talk about Health Care….AGAIN>>>>In General….Not in Political terms….not About Obamacare……just about the system!

I noticed this when i was back in New york going back a few years…i had a family doctor who I grew quite close to and he basically took care of everything, very rarely sent me to specialists and was just an all around great guy……he would only rarely bill me for a copay when he sent me to the desk when we were done (I think my co-pay at the time was 25 dollars…maybe 30.00)  but I would always look at this convoluted sheet of things that were checked off that they were billing my insurance company for(at this point in time my doctors office had been taken over by Pro health….like pretty much everybody by now I think….down south its Wellstar!)  I could have just a regular ol checkup with a blood test thrown in….and there were 16 things circled on the sheet with specific codes for each that they were going to send to my insurance company to pay.   Now we happened to be in a very good situation when it came to insurance. im not going to name the employer my wife worked for, but when they thought that perhaps she was about to show too much as her wages after working there 17 years……they gave her increases(merit raises) by absorbing most of our premiums…….a really good deal with a really great insurance company ….so we never got hit with insurance premiums going up….especially you would think…..with all the health issues I started having after turning 40………But when people want to know why the system has been so broken…..and they start blaming the Insurance companies….i would take a step back and look at what all these doctors are doing to make making a profit for these insurance companies incredibly difficult, without them raising premiums (disclaimer***** I do not, nor ever have work for any part of the health care network….and never will)

Warning: Controversy Ahead!! ‘Tattoos’

 6th choice for my theme song…cmon you guys have gonna have to go back and pick one

ok first off….thanks to all of you are reading me regularly, to all of you who are giving me a chance once in a while…..but if I can ask a couple of favors…..if you find me worth reading….please share this link and Blog with your friends…..and even more than that, please comment and interact with me, Im really interested in what you guys think about what Im writing about….Thanks!!!

And …so here it is:   Tattoos.  I dont have any. I dont want any. every once in a rare while, I think hey, having a cool looking guitar somewhere on my upper arm would be nice. It would define me. Ive always been about guitars and music and I will be till I die. But things always stop me….heres a few of the things that stop me:   My wife….(who you should all know now as Gloria….if youve been reading ALL my blogs). she doesnt care for them, especially not on me….which brings me to the 2nd reason…..she often reminds me , when I bring up the idea, that somewhere in the Torah, or the Bible or…i dont really know where or why she would know this and I really dont……Jews who get tattoos (Shit, theres a song!!!)…will absolutely go to hell! I do not want a tattoo bad enough to even bother to look this up to see if its true….and then of course theres this:  Am I really a Jew? Do I practice that religion?  No.  Have i been to a temple to Worship since I was Bar mitzvah’ed at age 13?  NO.    Do I know more than 10 things about the religion itself? Sadly, No.  Did i marry a Non-Jewish Girl and have both my sons baptized? yes.  So, Im not sure if the Jew argument really holds any water. Somewhere inside, sure…my parents , my relatives are jewish so there is obviously some sort if identification with it….but for all intensive purposes, Im not a practicing anything…….so…..(ok I think Ive beaten that point to death)

the next reason is I have guitars, I have pictures of guitars, posters….do I really have to have one emblazoned on my skin?  Not so much.   Especially if I have to pay for it and it hurts!!  (ahhh….theres the Jew in me!!)

anyway, I am not the point of this posting at all….tho you wouldnt know it at this point….But here it is…..and man, I hope i have some friends left after this…….For the most part, This is just how I feel, its how ive always felt…nothing to do with my age , or a different generation…its just how ive always personally felt…..I think anyone with more than a tattoo or two, or one giant one across their entire back or up and down both arms….is over kill……On Both Men and Women. But especially…especially, especially (yes I needed to say it one more time)….. on women/girls!!   I dont get it!!!    Im sorry….i think a heart on your wrist, a rose on your shoulder or your back is kinda sexy, kinda sweet…….but when it starts getting out of control and you are covering your whole body with tattoos……Im crying inside for you….i dont think youre thinking long term, long life, career mom with kids, grandma some day……I know! i know!   I know some of you are hating SOOO much on me right now…..but honestly …I think MY generation was probably the first one to have it become trendy for a girl to get a tattoo or two…..and like i said…..personally i was ok with that. But this generation of millennials now…….I read a girls facebook page recently…a girl in her twenties that I know thru a mutual friend….she was showing a selfie of a tattoo on her back…not that big….. it was the sun and the moon,kind of overlapping each other… was actually nice, i know her …and knowing her personality, I was a little surprised, but again….not shocked….or disappointed. someone commented to her”yknow when you get the first one , its only a matter of time before you have 6 of them”   and she commented back……”Oh i know this is my second one and im already planning out my third”!!!!!     NO!!!!     STOP!!!    I honestly dont think you want to do that, yes, yes…I know you want to do that now at 22 years old, but you wont when youre 42….trust me, ….unless youre joining a circus or planning on living in a mobile home the rest of your life or be a rock star I guess……..I know another girl….I dont want to be specific from where…cause this is one blog where I aint naming names!!!  Shes Young…..shes pretty….shes smart…..I noticed her once last summer wearing shorts….i couldnt help but notice ….because Im a guy! not because im an old pervert….that she had really nice legs, really shapely and almost perfect…….and on closer inspection(RELAX!!>>>NOT THAT CLOSE)  I saw she had tattoos going up and down one of her legs…….and you know what??….and this isnt just my opinion….this is fact!!    It completely took away from the loveliness of her leg… suddenly looked like a long piece of meat with pictures printed on it, I barely saw it as a pretty girls , pretty leg anymore.

This is so prejudicial……I totally get that. I wish i didnt feel that way. But i know from talking to lots and lots of other people, not just my age….ALL ages…..40 year olds, thirty year olds, twenty year olds…..and guess what!!>???     They feel the same way!!!!     Its not just me. I am SURE….most of those people wont come out and say it to their peers or even comment here that they agree with me…….but you know who they ARE….they are the ones that DONT HAVE TATTOOS!!!!

Listen im just gonna say one more incredibly stupid, controversial thing……..Gloria …Please forgive me……I LOVE WOMEN!!   I have always been someone who loves to look at a women, and see and admire their femininity…….I think thats why we were created much much differently….its not just the difference in our genitilia, its the way we are shaped, its in the feel of our skin, the shape of our bodies……there are not many great famous nude portraits of men….(that I know of) yet think about all the artists and photographers who have painted and photographed the woman’s Body…….there is a reason for that …..women are soft and sensuous and works of art…each in their own way…….And I am in no WAY saying they are inferior, or not in the same category as a man in any other way….in most ways they are far superior to the average man……I am just saying THINK about it…..i know being young, you are prone to be impulsive and rebellious, and sometimes not thinking ahead in life….Been there, done that……

BTW , like i said at the start…im not particularly keen on men covering themselves in tattoos either……I have one particular friend who i make an exception for….he knows who he is…He looks great with his tattoos, i wouldnt recognize him without them…He gets a pass from this tirade

Im sorry. if anybody is totally offended, If anybody thinks Im not as open minded as they thought I was, or as Liberal as they thought I was……Its a pet peeve….ive explained my reasons the best way I could….they say you cant help how you feel, well….this is how I feel…….By all means, i could be completely wrong!!!   feel free to tell me so

AND P.S.    Piercings…..a whole different issue…For the most part, not that I like ALL the different places they appear, but Im definitely so much more OK with Piercings….Yknow why…MOSTLY….???    Because eventually, when youve decided I dont need this anymore….You can take them off……