I’ve dabbled in blogging before; with my wife….we did a humorous cooking blog for a time….still kinda fun….”hesaidshesaidcooking” here on wordpress….Mangia.
For one of my many businesses(I’m very much like Ralph Kramden…”Ideas! I got a million of em Alice!!”

This Blog is different, This Blog is personal. This blog has no shame,or humility, or ego,or patience for the trivial dribble. This blog is without warning or preview…….One day Ill rant about politics, maybe even religion, which you’ll find out quickly, I know little about but have strong opinions nonetheless.

This blog might be about music, because….without trying to sound literary, or stupid( because those are the only choices?) Music is my passion, it has been my passion before I can remember having cognitive thought. Listening to music, writing music, Performing music, thinking about music, criticizing music, ….I leave nothing to the imagination, if you want to talk about music, and i already have a dozen rants about it in my head……..

This blog is about me not having to capitilize or spell correctly, or use proper grammar, or punctuation….because I dont have time for that. ive been told recently I a have a habit of using ellipses….I had to look that up, because altho i consider myself of above average intelligence, I found myself skipping alot of classes and Im sure I missed many on words and phrases such as ellipsis…..tho since I’ve looked it up, I have a working understanding of what it means, and Im sure Ive used many of them here

This blog is also about life, I ….like many of you 😉 find myself growing older, and having health issues….from minor to semi-major……theyve been going on for 20 years, but so far havent stopped me from doing anything I love, except for smoking cigarettes, almost 9 months ago. Ill declare right here and right now, so theres no confusion….and I promise there is a rant and blog in my head on this subject already….i quit smoking 9 months ago , come my sons Birthday November 25th….after smoking for more than 40 years……It was health related, it was conscious related…..if I can quote Wilford brimley in his outstanding Quaker Oats Glory “because it was the right thing to do”. Im going to give you a preview of my smoking blog: Do i miss it after 9 months……answer: like I would miss my forefinger on my right hand. I think some of the anti smoking commercials you see on TV are out of line! You cant scare someone out of smoking by showing them someone with a hole in his throat, talkking about how he still smokes. I laughed at those ad campaigns….I still do.

Im feeling I should stop here because they say the average person does not have the attention span for me to go much further…..But I should warn you….if you cant get caught up in what im talking about….I love you anyway….but Bugger Off!! tell someone who can read and likes to read and wants to hear the truth about some things, who wants to hear someone whos probably thinking the same things they do. we are under represented in the blog world!! we need to start changing that!! Im 57 years old…..I can tell you in great detail everything I did from the years 13-18 because it was my life and as bad as my memory has gotten, you dont forget your own life, and you dont become an “OLD MAN” because the calender says you should be…..and your doctor says you are…….Fuck That……Ill be speaking my mind, looking at cute girls, and playing “THE WHO” at volume 11 till Im six feet under. You want to join me….give me some comments and feedback. lets make a promise first….If we were friends to start out with, Lets do our absolute best to remain that way ……friends are important to me, im lucky enough to have alot of them, they make up a pretty good sampling of the entire country, if not the entire globe……..Its 4:30 am….we’ll talk again!!!