Hey my good and loyal readers….ha….the 6 of you who took a chance on me so far. i have taken some hydrocodone tonight, some valium and a nerve pain drug called gabapentin….all prescribed by my “pain management doctor” to help rid myself of a herniate disc in my neck causing excruciating pain in my right arm….all of these drugs are supposed to knock me out…..I mean a normal person taking these 3 drugs at midnight like I din would be in Heavy sleep cycles right now….., i slept for a couple hours and then woke up, had a cookie, some water, urinated…..pet my dogs for awhile….was gonna try to go back to sleep cause i have to freaking be at work in 4 and a half hours…….but i my cable box said it was 4am and i didnt want to disappoint anybody.

so here I am….4am , like my blog says , mostly wanted to show you, Im not screwing around with you. I am an insomniac, thru diazepam, thru hydrocodone, thru gabapentin….I come thru for you….I am awake and if you wanted to go out and do something right now….Im there baby!!!    If this was 1980, Id say Lets go find out where the Ramones are staying and talk our way in to their after party……Ive snuck into a todd rundgren and Utopia concert when i was 21….with my friend donald, just got up at 7am, waited outside the venue ….for todds crew to show up, then the venues crew showed up and everybody walked into the place at the same time….so Donald and i ….having Brass balls at 21 just casually walked into the middle of the 30 people or so and just walked in with them. Todds people just thought we were with Hofstras crew. Hofstras crew figured we were with Todds crew…..and NOBODY ever asked….at some point the head guy asked us our names….we told him…and he started giving us stuff to do. Todd was touring this Huge new album called “RA”    The stage show involved this GIANT Pyramid and Sphynx…..and so we spent most of the day building this larger than life size majestic set….ill give you a link tomorrow to a youtube clip so you can see what im talking about. How cool were we????    At 2 in the afternoon , the sound guy gave donald 500 dollars in cash to head down to sam ash and pick up some recording tape, so they could record the show that night. It was all reel to reeel last night…..now hey alot of people who werent todd fanatics , like donald and I were would have just taken off with the 500 bucks and see ya later Charlie….but Oh no!!   Donald was King for the day, along with me , in our own heads….he came back with the tapes. at about 4 pm, we were backstage , just taking a little break, maybe smoking some wed or snorting a little coke…..cant remember exactly when the outside doors opened….there was a little bit of rumbling….and then sure as shit…todd Rundgren, our idol walks in , followed by Kasim sulton, Roger Powell and willie Wilcox …the rest of this dynamic, insanely talented quartet…Utopia….so we were about 5 feet away from them …they nodded at us and said how ya doing…we were cool….we said hey guys , hey todd…doing good , we got that sphynx rocking for ya out there….they said something like thats great …thanks and went up fronty to check things out and do a sound check…..was this heaven??!!!   Oh I would like to submit that it was!!!!!….so we finished little odds and ends they told us to do….and then they said just hang out anywhere you want back here when the concert starts …..so we did….we just watched the entir mesmerizing concert from backstage, im pretty sure we went out at just stood in front of the stage at some point when Todd was climbing the enormous pyramid….and then falling 12 feet from the top of it head over heels , all the while playing a screaming lead solo!!!….Fucking unbelievable!!!!     Life was Good kids….Life was Good