ok, a brief respite in yesterdays blog, I punctuated and used capital letters where appropriate and fancied myself as literary for a few paragraphs. I wrote an entire blog without saying fuck! I feel better already.

First off, let me just say that whoever you all are that are reading me the last few days , I cant thank you enough, means alot, i only wish I had the time to read every single one of your blogs and rants online, if you have any….and I know some of you do ….and I have spent some time reading them….what little time i have…………

Sorry to the point…..earlier tonight i found myself getting choked up, oh shit, i actually cried for a second thinking about this small blip on the great canvas of life, that is KCMD Veejays……I was thinking about a new veejay that will be joining us, then I started thinking about the veejays that were already doing it. especially the ones who have been doing it fo 2 and a half years……..not because they make any money doing it, not because they get their name in the local papers the next day glorifying them for the smart and sensible sets of music they put together the day before, and not because they have nothing else to do with their lives. they do it……because they love the music…..does that sound cliche? or contrived? Because i swear to you , its not. I, they do it because music runs through their veins as thick as blood. we breathe it, we need it, we feel it, and we have to play it!

Ill try to brief with the history: I was posting music(youtube clips mostly) on my facebook page …alot…a few songs a day…I got some great response…..I thought how cool would it be if I got a bunch of friends together and we made a facebook page…..and all it would be would be the bunch of us playing music, for us, because it got us off, because we got a rush playing the songs and listening to them and thinking about other people listening to them, or not…that was almost secondary…….we imagined ourselves as old school FM radio disc jockeys, playing to millions at WNEW FM in NY…or anywhere in the country, it didnt matter. Not every veejay worked out in the beginning…..its definitely a time committment…….the C in Kcmd  stands for Tom Cavanagh…a crazy good musician friend of mine, and now of the whole station…..who tried to put his sets in, but just couldnt manage to find the time…Hes done other things for us, but thats for another day.  Ray Montoro….my right hand , my Mr Spock…sometimes more like My Captain Kirk….there from the beginning…..he pours his heart and soul into this everyday….theres rarely a day without a Ray show…theres rarely a day without more than one Ray Show. hes a Rock! Jennifer, a friend of mine for about 15 years , who I havent seen for probably 10 years, jumped on in the very beginning….and every single morning, every single morning!…..unless shes in NY visiting her daughters, she brings us the morning show….”this day in music”   without fail…..Tommy z, Pete, Val, jay, Kim…..you “guys” mean so much to me…….I left New York, i left my friends, i left my band….2 years ago….and KCMD is musically my only instrument…Its all I have right now to make sure that in some small way, I am playing music for an audience, because Damn it to Hell!!! Thats what I believe I was supposed to do with my Life!!  And so there it is…….My only way of paying tribute to you guys…….There have been times recently, and in the past where Ive had to take some long breaks from doing shows….and you people never let me down, the music still played…every day…all day long…without missing a beat…we have all carried each other when one or more of us had personal things going on…..we have become a family……from the West Coast to the East coast to the southern peninsula…..we are all over the country, but we all hang out in the same studio….and wear the same headphones….and have the greatest gift in common, we love the shit out of the music we play.                     https://www.facebook.com/KCMD.Musicbox       we’re on facebook, Tell your friends…or dont…we’ll go on either way.     (I think for this one night I dont need to wait until 4am, Ive said what I needed to say tonight!)