Barack Hussein Obama………I mean, if I didnt know any better…if this was 2003 for instance and you asked me , did you hear what this guy Barack hussein obama did?     I probably would have said “No, How many people did he kill, I didnt hear the news today?”   I looked through the names of all the past presidents….to see if i could find just one that sounded as threatening as this president.  There really isnt even one , I can pick out , not even to make a joke……every one of them sound so downright white and American…even the bad ones like Millard Fillmore!!

I was reminded of this inexplicable fact tho…… the entire history of This great country……since 1776, when we had our first President, George Washington Clooney…….wait no, Im sorry George Wooden teeth washington, there have only been 44 Presidents!!!    Isnt that crazy when you think about it??   Im 57….there have been 13 less presidents in our entire history than years ive been alive!!!!   WTF??     And thats all in 8 years or less (well…wait im not sure of the stat on FDR…dont feel like looking it up) but some of those presidents were killed…Mckinley and kennedy and lincoln…they didnt even make it 1 full term , much less 2.   So keeping that in mind, thats even more incredible, right?!!!

ahhh, but of course I digress a bit, maybe purposely stalling getting to the point….and of course the point Is IMMIGRATION!!…..oooooooohhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhh scary, spooky stuff inside!!!!!!!    And in all seriousness, which is hard for me right now… is scary, and its big and its complicated and its convoluted,and there are more opinions on it than there are assholes……….Presidents for decades….DECADES….remember what I said before….decades probably only means like 2, 3 presidents….Tops!!!    have tackled this huge issue of Immigration. George w bush did…he wanted immigration reform , just as bad as Obama….but whenthe house and senate wouldnt give it to him, he just sat back, al little pissed off probably……and came up with the whole Weapons of mass destruction thing!!….Oh I kid Dubya, really Im a kidder…he seems like a sweet guy……i would never question his patriotism….Honestly i never have and never would…..and im implying something there….you bet your ass!!!!!

So anyway, if you have your head in the sand , or you just dont care, youre too busy playing candy crush soda saga farmville……..or the news just depresses or confuses you as it does to many Americans….trust me….im down south now, i have never spoken to more people….YOUNG people who dont know or give a flying fuck whats going on in the world. Listen, theyre out there….so dont write comments about that….i know they are…..I just have spoken to a lot of dumbasses, who just dont honestly know the first thing about politics or world issues, even if it affects them…..and it ALL affects them for Chrissake!!!!

so Obama used some Executive Power or Action or alleged executive Power or action , depending on which tv station you watch, or what you grew up hearing in your house….and he got!a few people pissed off….Im talking like “Impeachment” pissed off!!!  He went on tv and he said im gonna protect these non-american families who have had children born in this country and have been here 5 years, but you gotta come out and show us youre not a terrorist or a threat to this country……..Im oversimplifying of course….but essentially thats what he signed into temporary law….we are not gonna deport you…..come out from under the bed anne frank-iago………its ok…..come, come see what the sun looks like….no ones going to throw you back into mexico where they are cock fighting on every corner and selling their sisters (again, i kid)

Its big news ….there are people on both sides with great points on it, not gonna tell you mine right now….but i do think you all need to pay attention….and if youre an old fart like me, you should make your kids pay attention

And listen….one more thing….if youre pregnant right now and youre thinking of names for your kids……i wouldnt completely rule out Barack hussein……, if you want your kid to grow up and be president, but I might think twice about it!   Your Call…ill catch y’all on the flipside