I shouldnt be writing now! Ive got to be at work in about 6 hours. Im in the middle of working a six days in a row. I think everyone at work is feeling some kind of combined “which wrong turn did I make to get to retail?”.  Im an anomaly there, but I like that. Ive always been the rebel, always been going places that no man has gone before(I just put the the last line in for ZC!)  Its a young peoples place….2nd and Charles…Look us up….go to our facebook page, lots of pictures of the “Team” and the goings on at 2nc…….go “like” 2nc kennesaw….My managers will like that I told you to do so……I used to be my bosses….not very long ago at all……I was the manager, I had the weight of the world on my shoulders…..about meeting sales goals, controlling payroll, controlling inventory, P&L, Being the shrink for all my associates……Keeping the customers and my employees happy and MY bosses……..I got burned out, i did that for too long, I Got too old, lost my patience for that……..would I take that job if someone thru 50 or 60 grand at me…..hell yeah!  I can turn on a dime with the rest of them!!

But thats not happening here any time soon……Too many people in the line ahead of me……and theyve, got so much less gray in their hair.   Im happy doing this and running a small video transfer business from my home, I get to be the boss there.

But Back to being the old guy in the pool of twenty and thirty somethings. Something kind of funny happened tonight(last night?)  that explains the disconnect a little. (Just go with me here, that you know what I do there…..I buy peoples stuff) so Im buying in a bout 2 dozen Lego minifigures…..I have to price them at the right price, which means I kinda have to know who each figure represents. Now obviously, those of you who know me , know Im no stranger to POP culture…..but OH Theres another generational layer of pop culture that creeped in under me , after my kids grew up and didnt need me to buy them toys and games and the latest trendy things.   But I digress….as usual…..so im not gonna use real names here….if theyre reading this, theyll know who they are…..so Bambi comes over and starts helping me with the names of some of these figures, so it would make it easier for me to do some comparative pricing.  Theres Groot!   and he seems to be a big (figuratively and literally) deal. bambi likes him….not as much as she likes Modak…..she definitely is crushing on Modak. So i recognize superman and Batman, and even iron Man and Harry potter……but not falcon or rocket raccoon….and many many others. at one point I pick up Falcon who has this white face, almost a clowns face and because I saw Batman, I asked Bambi if this was the joker?

WELL!!!    it was as if I told the worlds best joke, because I got a heart laugh/giggle(like OH Alan!!) from Bambi……It was apparently so good of a joke that when Chelsea walked by and stopped to admire the coolness of Modak and Groot and a few others, Bambi shared the story of my joker mistake, Chelsea also thought, Oh damn, Alan, Alan….how amusing….youre so silly!!    So I said, blushing a bit, im sure….Now you two may find it hysterical that I thought Falcon was the Joker…..But I find it amusing that you grown-ass people know the names of all these damn Lego Minifigures!!!!   Its all a matter of perspective!!!  Granted, I was being a little defensive, but i also thought I had a fairly decent point…In fact, they didnt deny this fact, nor were they offended by it. Thye were proud of it. And that continued to make me feel inadequate

So , Ive got one thing going in my favor, if i have to think of one……for the most part, they begrudgingly accept that I know my music stuff pretty well, theyre happy to give me all the vinyl and cds that come in and of course guitars and most musical instruments…. so  I dont fel like a total loser…..and theres a couple of other people my age there, tho not in my apartment…..but honestly……Ive never had much of a problem getting along with anybody, whether older than me , younger than me, Black, white yellow, gay, straight……..I think all my longtime friends reading this, certainly know that much about me. They dont make them much more liberal and open minded than me……..

For the most part, I dont get treated much differently, try not to treat anyone differently…….I have my moments where I feel a little left out of a conversation, or social thing…..or whatever…..but I have to expect that……I cant keep getting older and play with the kids anymore, not when I have kids the same age…..I guess I write about it now, because I seem to be spending  a whole lot of my life there now….More than originally intended. It sometimes interferes with my video business, but my video business has proven that its never going to be as consistent as I want it to be…….So I need 2NC…..and if I have to have a job like this for supplemental income, theres a whole lot worse things I could be doing. I wouldnt want to be getting up in 3 hours to go to work at WalMart to break boxes, or be a cashier……At least being around things like books and music and yes EVEN THINGS like Groot And Falcon…..makes me feel like Im still cool, I can still chill with the cool kids……Ill know who Groot is next time!!!   Thanks to Bambi!!