Thats a song I want you to listen to. Ive decided I needed a theme song.  I love the chorus of this song: Who needs sleep(well youre never gonna get it) who needs sleep (tell me whats that for) who needs sleep(be happy with what youre getting, theres a guys been awake since the second world war)……Anyway, please listen to it, Im gonn a play a different song for about a week….and let you great folks, decide on whats going to be my theme song!!   How cool is that for you?

Now, If youre wondering, why the whole theme song thing…..yknow…..for a blog?!   well 1. thats a good question and 2. Youre probably not wondering at all……but you must realize by now, Im going to tell you, anyway. Just tonight….I wont go into this explanation every night….I want to fantasize that Im not actually writing a blog, that its more like Im doing a late,late,late night talk show….radio or Tv , it doesnt matter…..either way, I NEED a theme song….so Just Humor me and help me pick one. Thx.

All right, so tonight, like a couple of other nights this week, isnt even about insomnia….Im falling asleep at like 1 or 2…but my body is now taking over and waking me up at like 3:55 and saying “get up man, youve got a show!!  Thats the other thing, my brain is telling me I have a show to do…..not a blog to write.  This goes to a post about a week ago where I admitted all I ever really wanted to be was a famous rock star.

Ok so, I cant pretend about this anymore….Im 281 words into this thing….and alot of you may have noticed, that I have no real subject that Im talking about other than the whole theme song issue, which is really just side tracking you, because I dont have one particular thing I feel a great urge to write about this morning.  (I told you I would always be honest)

Umm…some things that crossed my mind, but i dismissed them:

Olive Kitteridge… was a 4 part HBO series that I finished watching tonight with Gloria…It was a sad, dark show. Not very light-hearted at all actually. well…I take that back, the first 3 hours and 45 minutes, was just painfully awkward and sad……the last 15 minutes, they added Bill Murray to the cast…..He played a dark, sad man……a conservative who listened to Rush limbaugh(which had to be a stretch for him) and yet somehow just having his face and voice around for that last 15 minutes, made you so much happier….it pulled you out of the near suicidal funk that you fall into every other time you watched the show. Really well done I highly recommend it. (you probably think Im being sarcastic, Im not….just dont watch more than 1 episode at a time, you’ll hurt yourself)

Georgia Tech beat Georgia in Overtime on Saturday. thats a sentence I never thought Id put together in my lifetime, before I moved down South. I dont want to talk too much about it, because youll realize im stupid…..i dont know much more about College Football….other than Georgia tech wasnt supposed to win that game. Georgia wins every year, since time began apparently . I was in the car for part of the game, it was on like 4 or 5 different radio stations!!!  Tv too…I wasnt home, so i dont know how many…i promise you it was more than one!. so yknow…Go georgia Tech…….I root for them , because they are the underdog, and i Like when the underdogs win. so I wish them nothing but a great rest of the season, i hope they score alot of Football points, and win more games so they can be in one of those “Bowl ” games on New years. Theres a lot more of those bowl games than there was when I was a kid….We had like the Rose Bowl and the Orange Bowl…..and thats ll i can really remember…..But I know all the big corporations own their own Bowls now….so i think theres a gekko Bowl, and a “Flo ” Bowl, and maybe the Dos Equis guy has a bowl, Im not really sure, so Im gonna just stop talking about Football right now.

Im sure i disappointed alot of people with my lack of knowledge there. Back in my hometown of bethpage, New York……i always knew if bethpage won the game. they most often did….and then they would get to play at Hofstra…..which was Long islands prestigious(tho not Ivy league school) but if you got to play there….it was a good thing. my son Justin played the state cup finals for soccer there, and his team won. that was fun for a few minutes.

I also had some thoughts about writing about Ferguson tonight. But I wasnt sure how many of you were really up on that, or if you might of thought I was talking about Craig ferguson the Late, Late night talk show host, whos one of the most funny, irreverant guys on TV….Its a shame he quit….Hes still on , right now, but he told CBS he was quitting, like soon. Alot of you probably didnt stay up till 1230 or so to watch him, he was Scottish and thats just funny to begin with….Scottish accents are just great.  Let me know if you were one of the people who watched Craig Ferguson….or for that matter if you know whats up with Ferguson, Missouri. im curious, just so I know who Im dealing with here and what I should or shouldnt talk about.

Ya see, I would do so much better at this if i could interview you people and find out what youre thinking about. Im gonna think about that a little more. I dont see any reason why I cant submit a series of questions to any one of you and you can send me all of that back with serious or funny responses, and I can use that as part of this Blog. id like to do that. i think that would be different and quite possibly further my career in the Blog-0-sphere as we insiders call it, im pretty sure. so if you want to submit to an interview with me , that would then appear on this blog….please yknow…facebook me , or leave a comment after the post and we’ll see how much fun people think that is. You dont get your own theme song tho!!

Its negotiable, everythings negotiable…..if you become like a fan favorite or get a recurrring role on my blog, or i decide I think I need a co-host or co-writer….i ll consider you having a theme song. But dont do it for the song….Im just saying…..

Ok, Im gonna wrap this up…..

Im gonna start throwing a few sponsors at you tonight:

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