only about an hour ago, I wrote a new post. when i was done, I left a comment, apologizing for the post. I wasnt sorry for most of what I wrote, but Im sorry for how I think I came across.

the point of that post was originally, supposed to introduce who I am, a little more completely than i had done previously, mostly for the people that dont know me. I think i went off on a lot of tangents, and I think I wrote on of the more non-cohesive blogs , so far. Thats really making me feel awful. Tho, I dont mind being irreverent and quirky, because that is absolutely part of who I am, I just didnt come out the other side of that feeling very proud of it.

Its a little soon to “do it over” and I’m not going to delete it, because that would be disingenuous ….im not going to retract anything either, because If I wrote it, some part of me meant it and felt it. Im just disappointed that I couldnt keep my thoughts more focused.

I guess , maybe, this is somehow, you loyal readers getting to know me……Im not always happy with myself, right now being one of those times…….Im hoping my content will be a little more on point and compelling in the future, Thats it. It is what it is. Not gonna apologize to death. Keep your faith in me, Im showing my human side.