yeah…….its been a while.  Mi Bad?  Ive stopped sleeping on the couch, so I dont wake up every night at exactly 4am anymore….sometimes its 3 , sometimes its 5…..but now that Im used to the bed again….I rush back to it after my drink of water and snack….and Tums.

No, btw….I wasnt forced to sleep on the couch, It just became a habit during the summer…..and then i couldnt get myself out of it….not till I started having neck and shoulder problems and Gloria convinced me I needed to stop sleeping on the couch… I did…….and i wound up writing less….sorry!!

So…..for a while , I thought at some point I was going to talk about age…and aging…….but I held off, cause it seemed that might just turn into a depressing mess. But a couple of things have made me think I can approach the subject from a slightly different angle.    First thing…..Last few weeks , all my high school friends are posting about the BIG hs reunion coming up in October, and people started finding old pics of me when i was 17 and at my graduation……….Ive been having some really excellent memories of high school, the theater arts program I was involved in…..all the people I was surrounded with….really great Times……doing the shows at school really helped me get through the things I hated about high School.     another thing  is Im in the middle of reading Stephen Kings New Book “revival’     Im really caught up in it….as I usually am with Mr King…..but this ones hitting pretty cl;osse to home…..the main charachter picks up the guitar and finds out he really likes playing that rock n roll music….he gets into a band and theyre playing at their school dances, playing Brown eyed Girl and Hang on sloopy and Wild Thing and Cherry Cherry……….and then the pretty girl who he was always afraid to talk to kisses him during the bands break and they go steady….and soon theyre 17 and getting their licenses and smoking a little pot before their gigs…….and having sex….but not all the way sex quite yet…….

Anyway…..again…….really brings me back……Life was similar for me….although this charachter is slightly older…….So the book really is what got me to start writing this tonight   i realized how much our lives revolve around time……I mean , in small ways it plays a part throughout our lives….time……but at some point in life…..and its absolutely a different point for everyone, depending on how your life is unfolding…….Time becomes a very real and tangible thing…..and you think about it alot.

-hey wasnt that a really great time?

-yeah i remember that time, that was horrible

-isnt it time we did that?

-when are we ever going to have the time to do that?

-should we tell them now, or wait for another time?

-how much time does he have left?

-How much time do i have left?

-those were the best times of my life

-these are the best times ive ever had

-remember the time you told me……

-there was a time when you would have never felt that way

-we have all the time in the world!

-we dont have that much time left

-Time has come today(see opening song!)

so….you see where Im going here? The concept of time is always surrounding us…….and yes I think obviously even moreso as we get a little older. Now i know people who dont become slaves to time, they just get up every day and if its sunday they do what they do every sunday…..they go out and get the paper, buy some Bagels and Cream Cheese on the way back home….sit around the house , throw on the ball game, laze around on the couch and life is good…..the day went by and there wasnt much thought about time at all. Damn…thats good stuff!

Me? well….I knew youd be anxiously waiting to see what I said about myself on the subject. If I can borrow a trademarked saying from facebook     “Its Complicated”    Like me, I guess. most of you know me pretty well, obviously some better and some much better than others…..but suffice it to say for now, I have had some scary-ish(I dont care if I made that word Up   I LIKE it!!!)    health things happen to me….starting right at 40 years old. and….More than one scary-ish thing.      So I tend to be a little bit more concerned with Time than the bagel and Cream cheese guy.     Sometimes, i can get a little depressed…..and wonder how much time DO i have left?   will I be around to see my kids get married?  Have grandkids? Take my wife to Hawaii, finally?  Sometimes i think…..with my luck….not a chance!    And on my better days, Im like “youre damn straight!!   ill show all of you, and myself Im gonna live another 40-50 years, damnit!”

Well me in my 90’s is pretty scary-ish….I have to be honest……so I dont have a point here, if youre waiting for one…….except for that old cliche:  Remember all the great moments youve had….cause they belong to you, they are still your moments…..and theyre still cool to think about. more importantly… gotta really savor the small and big moments that happen day after day and week after week……None of us do that enough……..If I lose my keys for five minutes and Im sure …this it….this time theyre really gone….but then I see them on the floor under the dining room table……Shit!!!!    Thats a GREAT moment!    You gotta savor that…..How great do you feel that the day and maybe the next day isnt ruined…..because you found your keys……..Well…..Id like to hear your own thoughts on Time……..But for me, Im gonna go grab my guitar, put a bud in the bowl of my pipe and go make out with my wife….ill see you all on the funway!!!