Yeah….that sounds pretty extreme doesnt it?  Well heres my credentials: Im an American citizen and Ive loved this country for a large portion of my life. I have 25 years in Retail Management experience where I made daily tough decisions, regarding meeting payroll as well as sales oals and especially being held accountable for the companys Profit and Loss. I have owneda very successful wedding business with my wife and another Dis Jockey business with my best friend . I am currently the owner of a Film and Video to Digital Media transfer service. I have a lovely wife of 30 years, I have a 29 year old son who is a first year associate ata wonderful law firm in New York city. I have a 25 year old son who just received his Masters in Political science from Georgetown university, and is pursuing his doctorate while living in Nebraska , supporting his girlfriend who is in her first year of Creighton Medical school. I have 2 Rescue lab Mixes and if I had the land and the money and the room , my wife and i would probably open our own rescue, in which case i might not have time to run for President.

I have been active in politics , since i saw Hubert Humphrey campaign in my hometown of Levittown , Ny in 1968……I was 11 years old. I like him, I liked his voice, i dont know what he was talking about really…..except I heard him say Vietnam alot…..But I was for him.

I campaigned for George Mcgovern when I was 15…..maybe a mistake as was my allegiance to Michael Dukakis…….but ya live , ya learn. I had my best financial years durning the Reagan years, and into the 1st term of the Clintons

I liked the Gipper, I liked Bill.

But now my friends….Now is a terrble terrible time for the country, for the world, for politics and politicians. Citizens United has made a joke out of campaigns. Being able to give Billions of dollars to a candidate. thats pretty crazy and pretty shady down the line if that candidate gets elected , lets be honest. The folks that handed out that kind of money to get someone elected is gonna come a knockin at your door for a long time, anytime, day or night……and theyre gonna want candy in return for their money. dont be naive about that!!!     DEmocrat or republican….that happens, thats happened, thats gonna happen. That needs to be overturned. thats very unhealthy. 

So im looking at whats going on with The Donald…..and Im truly fascinated……and yet i get it! Its like the guy Howard(cant think of his lAST NAME) from the movie Network: Im Mad As Hell and Im Not gonna Take it Anymore!!!    Thats what this reality host has tapped into…….Peoples anger…..the stuff some americans are thinking , but are afraid to say themselves……So its great  Trump comes out and he says , Screw iran, Ill take care of them   (?)       and were gonna build a wall around an entire country, because theyre rapists and murderers and they get jobs here and their kids who were born here cant stay here either, even tho they are American citizens ,by law….donalds making them leave

He says hes gonna make 11 million immigrants just pack up and leave and Mad as hell people all over the country are going yeah! yeah!    KLets Kick these Rapists out and hop over to one of Donnies casinos and play some blackjack!.

So Im not gonna get into the clown car with these 25 other candidates….Dems and Gops alike……Im just gonna run myself. hey I dont know much about foreign policy….except the basics, Im gonna have to keep a nice mix of knowledgeable people around me…..but all Bipartisan…….and Nobodys gonna push me around……or they cant be around me…….gotta start fixing things…..and we are gonna have to do some serious multitasking!!!!….and i dont care about your ideaology…….you can be any religion you want, practice any religion you want….as long as youre using that religion for good, to seek comfort , to pray to your god, to ask forgiveness, to mourn your losses……jews protestants , catholics, Muslims buddhists….who cares….be peaceful, be generous, Be kind and the world can be a better place and we will try not to step all over your beliefs…..but you have to understand where religion ends and common sense takes over…..all these social issues cannot be fought, won or lost by putting religion into it. Abortion….Roe v Wade….Im against abortion…..I dont want to see it, It saddens me…..not as a religious person, just as a normal person with feelings…..Its a horrible thing. But sometimes its necessary……and its none of my business or your business how a woman chooses to deal with a pregnancy….whether its rape or incest or poverty…..Its a tragedy, but a woman must be entitled to choose. She cant be burned at the stake as a witch. Those days are long gone my friends and there is a country and world to fix, so our kids and Grandkids have a planet to live on  when we are gone. 

I abhor wars. i dont think we should have the right to send our kids into war to risk their lives. So there can never be a draft again. If the proud men and women of our country see fit to enlist in our military, Bless them and lets do everything humanly possible to protect them and keep them safe and bring bthem home as quickly as possible. I will not enter a war, that is none of our business. Im sorry, I know there is strong feelings about this, but for reasons I just stated, we cannot be the policemen of the world any longer. There are approximately 500,000 armies in various countries in the middle east….and isis is a fraction of that. If these countries want isis destroyed , and I believe they should….well let them make that committment and do it. Unless we are directly threatened, Unless there is an attack on our land….we will not go to war. 

I believe we have to seriously become fiscally responsible. we talk and we talk and we talk about less government and cutting pork from the budget, but we are not doing enough, we are not looking deep enough into the money being spent on nonsense. Every president says he is going to do this, but it doesnt get dione…..i cant begin to fathom, the money that can be found if we looked deep and hard into non essential studies and research going on everywhere in this country. Yes Research, science is important…..but not to spend millions of diollars to see if geese can fly faster given certain vitamins and hormones. Come on! lets cut that crap out of our system. have you ever seen the movie Dave? Where kevin Kline becomes the duplicate President and he brings in Charles Grodin, his hometown acccountant to balance the budget…..and he does it!!! And yes, its just a movie, but I truly believe that money is there and we are not using it correctly!! And what is correctly…….We can start by Having our policemen be subject to more psychological evaluations and testing before being sent out on the streets witha gun in his hand. We can create more programs to show whites and blacks that we are not all that different……that none of us are all that different….we all lookdifferent , but we all want the same thing…..a safe place for our families to live and a reasonable living income, so that no child, no family should be starving or have to live off government subsidies. 

Theres so much more….but the bottom line is every politician gets caught up in the Washington Brainwash. And someone has to step up and say enough is enough!!! Once and for all. No more playing politics…..Lets get to work….on the hard things not just the easy things…..and if congress and the senate have a hard time with that ….then maybe its time to seriously consider term limits, out with the old and in with new smart progressive, hungry people who want to leave their good mark on the world. it can be done….It doesnt take a bIllion dollars! It doesnt take a rocket Scientist……It takes someone…..with a pair of Balls and the discipline to say NO when it doesnt make any sense.     So Im thinking about running for president guys……..Cause nobody else is stepping up and saying the right things…..I never wanted this and i probably stand a snowballs chance in hell…..but damn if Im gonna watch things unfold in the news they way they are!!!!!!!    And every one of you should CARE!!!!    Yeah even you well off folks , who are just so enjoying your later years and your 401k money and eating at nice restaurants and traveling to Italy and Paris and Hawaii like you always wanted to…….I work in a place where adult customers cant read! Where people come in wearing hand me down clothes because they can barely afford to live……This isnt MY America!!!!!     Is it Yours??????     Im done for now….but Im not done!!