In summary, the minimum criterion needed to run for presidency is comply with three guidances in the constitution:- Be a native born citizen- Be at least 35 years old- Must have lived in the United States for at least 14 years.

If you plan on campaigning and getting on state electoral ballots you must file with the FEC, and meet the requirements set by each state’s election committees.

Ok So Ive done a little research, apparently I can run for President just for fun and I dont have to do anything really….which is kind of stupid. I have done stupid before….so im not throwing out that option yet!! I meet the criteria above and if im just being stupid, I apparently dont have to file any paperwork either, I can just go outside and start yelling things at people……

If i want to run a serious campaign, as if I might actually try to win this thing, Ive got to file with the federal election commitee…..and tell them i plan on raising money and spending money……of course I dont have any money……one of the reasons im running is I hear the salary is pretty good…..and the kitchen at the white House is just fully stocked and at my disposal like 24/7!!!!     So thats intriguing

Im pretty sure if im actually gonna do this I need a “Platform” to run on….by the way If Im gonna do this Im running as an independent, I dont want to be affiliated with any party. The Average American party really is what I should be running as. Im not sure if I can make one up….but if I can , Its going to be something Like that. So   lets see, Some of you kinda like what Im saying tho you dont agree fully with all my positions yet, but we can work thru that, there doesnt seem to be a big divide. Some of you want to support me , but theres a “real” Jew running…..Bernie Sanders and apparently alot of you are growing quite fond of him. Me too….by the way…….When I was young and we were a semi religious family , he has what my mom would call Chutzpah!  A good Guy….alot of people , especially republicans are calling him a socialist. And the people i know that love him, and i gotta tell you its mostly Twenty and thirty somethings interestingly… the red state Of Georgia…..say So-cialist?!  S0-What?!   He says some interesting things, hes getting the crowds, some attention……Ill toot Bernies horn a little here….because Im going to be a non-hateful candidate, should I become one…….Heres a few things Bernie sanders wants…..theyre all kinda common sense….and in broad terms, I want them too….here they are: He wants big money out of politics……..I said that in my first blog, right?    He wants to raise the minimum wage…..and he makes the point that overnight this would help MILLIONS of Americans……It would, I mean who doesnt want minimum wage to be 15 bucks and hour?   A 40 hour week that would be 600 dollars pre tax……..Thats gonna help alot of people right?    Depending on where you live…..thats still barely enough for a family……but certainly better than 7.15? is that right…..Man!!!     How can someone live on that???   So thats crazy and we have to figure that out……I have some pretty radical ideas on this, but we’re not gonna get into them right now….back to Bernie :   He wants to invest in alternative energy……we’ve come along way on this, but obviously not enough…….we can create alot of jobs, we can create even more jobs once we are successfula nd we can import that know-how to other countries…..we have to care for the planet…..We need to clean up the air….we need solar, wind and yes, maybe even nucleur energy….and for my conservative friends… not against natural gas per se, either. Im open on it, if we can find a safe way to harness it.

All right , enough about Bernie……Bernie of course cant do any of these things, if we are still stuck with a gridlock in congress and the senate. And I think thats where we need to focus alot of attention. For those of you who dont follow politics closely…….please look at this link….it shows you how long some people in congress and the senate have served being re-elected over and over and over and over again!!!!!   Check this out!!!

so thats pretty startling, dont you think?   I think so, and Im not saying they are all bad, but talk about a dysfuctional family the 100 memebers of the senate and 565?   (something like that ) members of congress they stop so many bills and ammendments and laws and change from happening. And it for all intensive purposes renders the President Powerless. This is what always seems to happen theres a Democratic president, A repuplican majority in the house and the senate can go back and forth every couple of years….the point is its probably been since John F kennedy when we have had a president that was able to reach across both parties and get things done. Well thats been 50 years….and its way past time for that crap to stop!!!   How do we get that done?   Well obviously I would be naive if I said its gonna be easy….Nothing is easy! But like i said in my first blog…..we need to stand together as Americans twenty year olds , 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90 year olds too and say……..This is our Country….You work for us!!!   Get your act together or get Out!!!!   Oh people are calling me naive and stupid and ignorant now… me…….and thats the problem…..and thats where we need to start……..If youre angry at the democrats….Let it Go…..if youre angry at the republicans …let it Go!!!     Weve got to change….weve got to get serious as a freaking Heart attack.!!!    take it from someone who has had one(or two)!!!     Play time is over…..debating on Facebook is Bullshit!!    unfriending and calling every politician we dont like , 4 letter words and racist and insulting names…….thats not who we are…..And If IT IS who we ARE……then …we ARE in trouble……….So……Im saying once again……Every one of these people running right now are career politicians , or have the ambition to be career politicians, theyre power hungry, they think they have the answers buit its the same ol, same ol….over and over again………When Hilary Clinton or Jeb Bush can live a year in my shoes….or yours my friends………then maybe I wouldnt have to come out and push this stuff…….But they can go to teh iowa state fair and eat all the damn deep fried food that they want for the cameras……..They dont know the average Americans life….they dont know about making a monthly budget to make sure your mortgage is paid and your credit cards are paid and you might have enough left over at the end of the month to go to the movies and stop at Chilis!!!!!    We Deserve A Better America……….Im waiting for one of these candidates to talk to me about this stuff…..but so far none of them are…… My hats not in the ring yet…..and i have as much chance of becoming president as i do at winning 100 million dollars at powerball…..But I play powerball…………