G-L-O-R-I-A…..and how she wound up with this loser!!

  (not a theme song choice…just this post)

Well, Youve been waiting for it! Youve been asking for it!!  Sex!! Violence!!! Romance!!! Love! Video rentals!  Well the time has come……..and come with me on a journey to the center of my marriage….ah-ha-ha-ha-ha(that was supposed to be creepy laughing ghoul voice)

So…our story begins in mid-late 1983 ….where I somehow convinced my older brother Marty and his good friend(and family Dentist) Roy to invest in the latest and craziest business venture!!!!!    A Video Store!!   (remember you young folk, blockbuster didnt come knocking till around 1986)  So this was HOT! THIS was Cool!!   ground Floor baby….I dint have any money to invest of course , but I was managing like the 1st video store on Long Island….Videomat In Plainview….and I learned all the secrets, memorized all the codes(??) and i was ready to pass this info on to my brother and the Doc, and all they had to do was let me be the manager/partner in exchange for my knowledge.  And so Royal Mart Video was born in Hicksville , Long Island….980 South Broadway.   (do ya get the name ??? Roy-AL-Mart)

so They were absentee owners for the most part…..Roy injecting novacaine on unsuspecting patients all day and my brother crunching numbers and projecting sales for a large auto parts/courier company.  They would come by at night and on the weekends to give me a break (and check up on me…lets be honest).

so things were going along pretty smoothly…we were signing up club members for 90 bucks a pop…..which is the way it was done back then…..You got 1(maybe 2) free rentals a month with that plus a 2 dollar discount on any other movie rentals….AND….(this is important, later in our tale) you were automatically subscribed to the official , Infamous “Royal Mart Video monthly Newsletter” packed with important information, like whats hot in new movies, movie reviews, upcoming events, trivia and entertainment news……all brought to you, written and produced by, directed and cinemagraphed by (i made that word up) Me!!

What?   You thought this blog was the first time Ive written anything??!!!    Oh Pshaw!! (another word i might have made up or at least misspelled)

So we jump ahead to one night when i first noticed a particular customer, a tall blonde, a tall blonde with long wavy hair that went all the way down her back……..by herself, roaming the aisles , checking out the flicks. She had been in before , but this was the first time I was actually really noticing (fantasizing?) about her.

******   I think this might be the time to warn anyone(GLO) that I dont know what Im writing before i write it, these words just come out….its been cold here lately and im putting in this disclaimer, so i know i have a home to come to tomorrow….trust me, Im already in deep shit because of the song in the beginning…..but babe …it was this very very cool, live version…..just sayin”””””””””””””

ok so she comes to check out her movie, now suddenly, im slightly nervous about talking to her, but I manage….she said something about enjoying the newsletters every month, my heart did a wee little dance…….I find out her name is Gloria….cool…I dont know any Glorias till now…I like it….i go home thinking about her….alot

I already start to go to work on my big play…..and this is what it is:  Im gonna write a parody of one of my newsletters….make it really funny, throw in some innuendo(if ya know what I mean…..but subtle)  ….and win her over with my wit and charm……hey im in my 20’s, im at my prime , i think i got it goin on…….tho in hindsight….i was kinda the beast to her beauty….personality wise…..but hey…..it could happen, right?

I cant remember(what a shocker!!!) if I mailed it to her house or I just handed it to her….maybe she could comment later and correct all my mistakes……..but however i got it to her, it got a positive response……im freaking now, this is cool, this is better than i thought……she liked it!!!    I decide the next time she comes in, Im gonna go for it…….so about a week later…..she comes in….we chat ….about movies, she might have asked for some suggestions….I might have recommended “Alan and Gloria In Paradise’ but probably not…….so shes going to check out her movies and im going for it, no stopping me now…….I have a pretty solid record of not getting turned down…….”Hey there little lady” ( I didnt say that) ….You want to go out sometime, maybe dinner or a movie?   And heres what she said:   Pay attention!! This is very Romantic!!!! ❤   ” Oh wow, thanks….but Im engaged, Im getting married soon”  Im looking for an emoticon that would paint the picture better than i can tell you, but there isnt one….not a Rated PG one anyway. But I play it cool….maybe….ok wow! I say…I didnt know , that diamond engagement ring on your finger isnt something guys like me look for very often when coming on to girls like you……….(again…pretty sure thats not what I said)

But really …..what does it matter what I said. I asked her out. i got Burned and rejected. I was sad, i was a bit heartbroken and pretty pissed as well……….But not much I can do but move on with my life…..so i do for a few days ……im thinking Im probably never gonna even see her again, because, i probably made her uncomfortable…..and that sucks even worse….and Im thinking this one night when Gloria walks into the store……..BOING!   whoa….i wasnt really ready for that….but be cool, be cool….just act as if nothing happened….shes back to being a good movie customer now, like it or not…..she waves at me as she walked in, and started her routine of looking through the movies……..it felt like hours had gone by before she came to the counter….”hey” I said…….(smooth)     i start to ring her up and then she says these crazy words put together in some kind of sentence that made no sense in the English language (in my head, anyway)…..She said “you wanna go out for a drink ,one night”.  My mind was dancing around , but I responded ” well, yeah, but I thought you were engaged”   She grabbed her movies and started walking out and turned to me and said “I am” “Friday Night?”   Im , im ‘Yeah!”   Ok she said and disappeared into the night. Film Noir right here in the 80’s….WTF was that Im thinking??!!   Who Cares I decided!!!

so friday night comes and Im almost positive we met in the parking lot of the video store. She got into my car and we drove to this nice place Kind of a bar/restaurant/wine/cheese kinda place….not far….called genuwines in bethpage. we drank, we talked, we laughed….it was all easy….she was fun and she seemed to think I was funny….and i love when girls think Im funny.  after a couple of hours we drove back to the parking lot, I might have played her a song or two that whatever band I was in at the time were rehearsing(yknow…showing off….pulling out all the cards)  why/ I dont know…..that ring was still shining bright on her finger.

I think she gave me a short kiss before she go out of the car, and then she said you want to do this again? or go to a movie?  Again, i asked ” Youre still engaged, right?”   she gave me a sely, sexy smile and said yeah, i am…maybe youre my last fling!

Wow1 Did she just say that….am I ok with that? Being used as a sex object??!!    I decided I was. I was actually completely fine with it. We went out again a few nights  later…….we went to see this movie everyone was talking about, Purple Rain, . It was a Great Movie …we both Loved it. we both fell in love with Prince. we got back to my car and this time, well, this time the kisses were not short, the kisses were long and they were passionate, and they were romantic and I was feeling no pain. i was so into this girl!!!   and then she said something, to this day, i have trouble understanding or believing this…..She said ” Im going to break up with my fiance”  Im like “What!?”   She said …” I think Im falling for you….and if that can happen, i dont think I should be getting married”

Well…within the week, Gloria kept her word, Altho he pursued her quite stalkerishly(another made up word) for a long long time afterwards, taking ads out in the paper, sending her mother flowers…….even after her and I got pregnant and married, he was still trying to get her back…..but i guess I jumped the shark quite a bit there…….We obviously did get married, and we had a son (not necessarily in that order) but her getting pregnant was not accidental……and on July 20th 2015, I will be married to Gloria for 30 years, more than half my life…..2 full grown boys , both on incredible paths of success, 2 big cuddly lab mixes at home and still saying “I love you ” to each other several times a day, every day. i couldnt even imagine my life without her. She and then my boys are my whole life. Nothing else really matters to me anywhere near as much.   I thought you guys should know……….


It was 34 years ago today…….

(5th choice for my theme song)

This is not gonna be a long rant or post. Theres nothing I can tell you about this, except how it affected me. John Lennon was murdered December 8th 1980, and I remember it like it was yesterday. I dont think …actually , no…..I KNOW there hasnt been a musical group that has transcended generations the way The Beatles Did!  Its now 3, maybe 4 generations later since they formed in the late 50’s…….If youre a millennial, and they havent touched you yet, lime they have all of us that came before you, I urge you to correct that.   A friend , just this week told me , he had just heard a Beatles song he had never heard before……and that was just so strange for me to hear. It was not a top ten hit , like the dozens upon dozens of others, but has there been any Beatle song that hasnt been played over and over and over, everywhere you go? Apparently thats starting to happen…..and somebody needs to do something about that!!!    Seriously, I heard a new all girl band out of Georgia tonight……the coathangers….the song I heard was great….im glad theres still bands writing great songs , and making good music……I hope that is eternal.   But The songs the Beatles did, the hundreds of songs, both together and solo….so many of them are eternal, so many of them can never be duplicated as far as the magic of the lyrics, the beauty of the music and the joy or haunting of the song itself.

I dont know if anyone who grew up listening to the Beatles could ever answer this question:  Whats your Favorite beatle song???    If you can answer that…..then youre one of the people that urgently need to go listen to the Beatles….all of the beatles….You owe it to yourself, you owe it to the generations that you will create, that will follow you and your lead, and the music you love, the way my boys followed so much of mine (and vice-versa).

John Lennon was shot by a fan, I refuse to even mention his name. John Lived in New York City at the Dakota Hotel across from central Park, he lived there for years, he walked the streets of New York City every day…..that is so extraordinary that a legend and icon could do that, but he did, and he loved the city and the city loved him back….and so he felt incredibly comfortable coming home from the recording studio that night, stopped and chatted with the couple of dozen fans perched out by the entrance of his hotel, he was standing there laughing with them, signing autographs when a man walked up behind him and shot him to death…………..

There are places I’ll remember
All my life though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places have their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I’ve loved them all

But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new
Though I know I’ll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I’ll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more

Though I know I’ll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I’ll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more
In my life I love you more

This blog was not written at 4am, I needed to write it before midnight because of its time sensitivity. Please Forgive me. Listen to John, Listen to the Beatles…..And For all of our sakes    Give Peace A Chance!

Lets hang him from that Tree There!!! Soccer Story # 1 – Conclusion

( 3rd choice for my theme song)  please vote

ok….so i sit here…..24 hours later, and im having a real  conundrum. im trying to figure out what my strong point of this anecdote is. is it about me, and showing alot of you a side of me you dont know. (im sure alot of people that know me, are already shocked that I was the President of the Pal soccer Club!!LOL).   Is it how I wound up handling this now politically infused, brewing riot I had on my hands. Is it about what we do to our children at such a young age? Or is it just a fucking story for you to read on my blog?!!  None of the above or all of the above? I swear to you, Last night I knew, and a day later , I just dont know……..Im going to just tell you the rest of the story….and maybe …you guys can tell me what the point was, if there even was one.

So theres protocol to these Board meetings, the minutes are read from the previous months business. I believe my wife, Gloria held that position on the Board, oh yeah…she got elected to the board in a landslide….I think there was definitely some lobbying. After the minutes, we go around the room to “old business” thats basically follow ups and resolutions to things we talked about the previous month. What color the lines on the field were going to be. Were we going to buy the kids real soccer uniforms like the other towns had….or let them keep looking like the Bad News bears in their cotton t shirts and shorts( My partner in crime Russ and I ….did in fact finally get bethpage into the new century by getting them real soccer uniforms) and eventually even professional outside soccer trainers besides our own volunteer coaches. A mission to make Bethpage slightly competitive in the Big Bad Soccer World of Long Island!!

Anyway…I digress, and then……cue the dramatic music………theres “new business” It started out in a civil way, i dont remember who introduced the problem, it might have been me, it might have been Russ or tom or Lou….I just dont remember, but it was just presented as fact…..left there now….for discussion and debate and voting and who knows what.    The room had a dull roar to it…..the parents in the background…….If i was a betting man, which i guess I am….I would have said that at the time i could have counted on 75% of the board to be on my side. What was my side…..well first we let the Kawasakis tell us in their own words what they felt the problem was. the room was silent but for a few sidebars going on between board members….not a good sign, I thought. Then Frank Munnely spoke….he was Atushis coach, he had a lot at stake. i cannot tell you exactly what Frank said right now but I will tell you this. Frank is a decent man. A little older than some of us , one of the veterans. I know he said he understood why atushi might be feeling uncomfortable and naturally he said in the kindest of ways why he felt Atushi should remain on his team.

It was time for me to speak….a few other people might have made some comments and remarks before I did, but Basically this is what I said. I said ‘ this would normally be a time where perhaps the Board should vote on this subject and come back next month with our decision. But we are already into the season, and i dont think we should wait a month and Im also sensing by the tone in the room with some people , including some of my own board members that this vote may not wind up being in the best interest of the child. OH MAN….WAS I GETTING CLOSE TO THE “ELEPHANT” IN THE ROOM?!!!!

I said i am going to use a rule that i found in the by -laws, which states that the President in certain situations can make a ruling without the Boards consent. I intend to do that tonight, I hope that the majority of you will support me. I believe Atushi should be able to play soccer with boys his own age, and that he should immediately be placed from Franks under 11 team and put on the boys under 10 team (oh and BTW, did I mention this was the team i coached and my son played for??!!). Well all hell broke loose, more hell than i actually anticipated……guest coaches were yelling, some board members were yelling…..The things you would imagine….”im being a dictator”, i just want atushi on my team(and im not gonna lie to you and tell you that i didnt, I would be a complete idiot to NOT want Atushi on my team….but that honestly not the point)  I would say my guess was right…I had about 80-85% support from the board that this was the right thing….some of them said so because they sincerely believed it. I know for a fact that many of them said so, even tho they completely disagreed with me , but wanted to support me and show solidarity, but oh that 10- 15%……one or two guys in particular….and I wont mention their names here altho Im sure they will never read this, but its a small world and a couple of people involved in this are my friends on facebook, tho not so close anymore. But the point is One guy in particular….A big Guy, A tough scary Italian Guy, who i always knew to be a fair decent guy, went completely ballistic on me, in my face, saying things I will never repeat here, insulting me, my family, my son, my integrity and basically suggesting to everyone that there be an immediate vote on whether or not to assassinate me!!! (ok He might not have said assassinate, but it was definitely implied…..WELL…..I did something that not many people in my life have ever seen…….I LOST CONTROL!!!   I stood up, I got in his face, i started screaming insanities at the top of my lungs at him, i went on for ten minutes until my body was literally shaking uncontrollably and I had to leave the room and go outside because I couldnt breathe!!   I was soon joined by russ…..and my wife and a couple of other friends……it took a while but they got me calmed down.   I went back inside(the board member who cursed me, had left) …….I took my seat…..and as calmly and as steadily as i could , I said “I apologize for how this all went down, I think we all know this was an emotional issue…..I am going to ask to formally adjourn this meeting right now, but before I do, I want to put a fine point on my what happened here tonight, I have made a ruling that Atushi Kawasaki, will now be playing for the team coached by myself and Mitch Friedberg (sorry to use your name if youre reading this Mitch). This is not whats best for me , This is what Atushi wants, and we are supposed to be about the kids. We are talking about a 9 year old boy, and yes , i understand a talented 9 year old boy, but that should have nothing to do with it. We arent even at a competitive age yet where we are traveling to other towns, we are still playing intramurals. My decision stands. if you want to vote to impeach me, I believe thats your right. I call for this meeting to be adjourned. My wife seconded the motion

Epilogue:  (if this really matters, which of course , it doesnt)   We were 2 games into the season when we got Atushi. We had 9 games left. we won all but 1 game. Atushi score more goals for us than the rest of the players on the team combined. at times he just seemed to be able to score at will. He could start at one end of the field and dribble the ball the entire length of the field around 11 opposing players including the goalkeeper and score. He would regularly score 3 goals a game, sometimes 4….and at that point we usually took him out of the game, because……well, its kinda called “the mercy rule”.

Atushi Kawasaki and his parents moved back to Japan by the start of the following season. Frank Munnely continued to have one of the finer teams in his age group and we remained friends for years after this incident . he is still as far as I know, a kind, decent man.

Lets hang him from that Tree There!!! Soccer Story # 1

His name was Atushi Kawasaki. I start off with his name , because I remember it and much of this story will be muddled because 18-20 years later , my brain is working at a much lower percentage. But I promise you that is this , then 9(10?) year old boys name.

Whats , so special about Atushi?…well in a game known in America(and only America) as Soccer….He was as close to a pure goal scorer as you could possibly have.  You dont have to know much about this sport, only that scoring is quite a commodity….and its less common than in many other sports. At a professional level, 2 or 3 goals a game , might be considered high, by some standards.

At the time this story takes place, I am the President of The Bethpage PAL Soccer Club. But because we live in this great country, I was not a dictator, I had a Board of Directors, who were there to help keep everything smoothly and also , as you’ll see to keep me in check(or try to) which was very very rarely necessary. This story an exception.

I have to throw this in, because looking back at it now……it was quite amazing how many people were on our Board. Im going to say it was close to 15 people! there was a vice president and a treasurer and a secretary and a director of operations, and a director of referees and a person in charge of fields and a person in charge of this age group and that age group. Really , quite amusing when you look back at it, I think.

im going to get right to this story now, I will tell you that we had monthly Board meetings….usually attended by 75% of Board members and an occasional coach or guest that had business to take up with us.

Again, im sorry, and please, stay with me, I just realized a bit of how I became involved at all is necessary. my oldest son Bryan was 4 and my wife said to me one day , i signed Bryan up for soccer. I said Soccer!!! what the hell is that?!!!   Baseball!!! i want him to play baseball.  but no, Bryan started playing soccer, he ran the wrong way on the firld….he sat down and played in the dirt, it was all quite amusing and humiiating at the same time. After 2 years of this, i met another parent,named russ….who was going thru almost the exact same thing with his son. we went to the library Russ and i, taught ourselves about soccer and a next season we volunteered to take on a team, coaching our own kids. Bryan eventually proved he couldnt really get the hang of running with the ball or passing the ball, what he could do…..was catch the ball, and block the ball…so yes i decided Bryan was going to be a goalkeeper….and over the years , not to brag too much he became one of the best goalkeepers on Long Island.

ok so heres the deal……I was coaching Bryan, with a friend named Mitch now….we had a couple of good players, we won some , we lost some. we were doing ok!

One day, i get a phone call from a very upset Mrs Kawasaki…..Please Mr president (she didnt really call me that, I like to imagine she did) my son atushi(I never heard of him at this point) is playing on a soccer team managed by a man named frank Munnely. Coach is very nice she tells me , but all the boys on the team are a year older than Atushi, none of them are in his classes at school and he feels very uncomfortable playing with boys he doesnt know and not in his grade.   Is there anything I can do. I told her, i would bring it up at the Board meeting, Coach munnely was on the board and Im sure we can figure something out. I had no idea at this point what kind of player Atushi Kawasaki was!!

So before the meeting, I make some phone calls, i call some members of the board, i call Frank Munnely, I call my friend Russ who was vice president at the time, i called some of the older veterans on the Board who had been around much longer than me, to ask their advice. it originally seemed simple to me, if Frank was ok with it, we were gonna take this 9 year old and put him on the one team that had 9 year old boys. what was the complication, you might ask?    That team……..was MY team!!!!   We were the only 9 year old Boys team, with the kids Atushis age and who were in all his classes and where Atushi himself was begging to go.

so the night of the board meeting comes around and at this point this was the BUZZ of Bethpage!!!   Every shopkeep, every Barkeep, every parent were sitting around the dinner tables talking about the fate of Atushi Kawasaki….and would I dictate that he goes and plays for my own sons team!!!!   Im not even kidding you, I am NOT exaggerating. the night of the meeting , not only did 100% of the board members show up, but Atushis parents were there, more than 30 parents were there, a bunch of coaches were there. This was going to be ONE hell Of a meeting and somehow by the end of the night, Dead or alive, this Board, or ME if it had to be that way was going to reach a decision on this 9 year olds soccer playing career.   Im going to end this first part …with this cliffhanger. Its a long story and Im tired…..if Ive got your interest now….you MUST come back tomorrow for the conclusion, because you wont believe what happens next!!!!

I wrote a bLog….that started the whole world laughing……

only about an hour ago, I wrote a new post. when i was done, I left a comment, apologizing for the post. I wasnt sorry for most of what I wrote, but Im sorry for how I think I came across.

the point of that post was originally, supposed to introduce who I am, a little more completely than i had done previously, mostly for the people that dont know me. I think i went off on a lot of tangents, and I think I wrote on of the more non-cohesive blogs , so far. Thats really making me feel awful. Tho, I dont mind being irreverent and quirky, because that is absolutely part of who I am, I just didnt come out the other side of that feeling very proud of it.

Its a little soon to “do it over” and I’m not going to delete it, because that would be disingenuous ….im not going to retract anything either, because If I wrote it, some part of me meant it and felt it. Im just disappointed that I couldnt keep my thoughts more focused.

I guess , maybe, this is somehow, you loyal readers getting to know me……Im not always happy with myself, right now being one of those times…….Im hoping my content will be a little more on point and compelling in the future, Thats it. It is what it is. Not gonna apologize to death. Keep your faith in me, Im showing my human side.

Things that make me go HMMMM!! (and other 4 letter words)

Its instrumental, but its called “sleepwalk” which I felt was appropriate for this Blog. Its your number 2 choice for picking my blogs theme song….joining “who needs sleep” by Barenaked Ladies….5 more to come ….so dont vote yet….but feel free to comment

Alot of people are reading my posts…I dont know who alot of you are….Im really thankful, Im really humbled by some of the things , some of you have written me privately….and oh my God….they mean so MUCH to me……a Newspaper Column suggestion…..Wow, how cool would that be. Ill be honest…..right now….i just want a lot of people to read this blog, get to know me, like or hate me….whatever….so please ….if youre reading me….pass my link on to 10 of your friends….thats what I need right now.

For those of you who dont know me that well….Im going to try and summarize me….where I am today, not the thousands of places Ive been at other parts of my life…..but I think its important, you know whats up. Im a New Yorker!  Grew up in Long Island, Born there, spent some incredibly amazing years living in NYC in my twenties where life was like a million miles and hour, going so fast, I couldnt keep up with it, me and my friends…we were gonna raise the roof!!!!   We were Fearless, We were stoned, We were coming at you with the speed of light, we were musicians and songwriters, and activists and radicals, and lovers, and insecure and bold as hell, all wrapped up in one

I have the same friends now….pretty much…….Except for a couple….I can only mention one right now cause I dont have permission to name drop the other one…..but Jimi Blitz…..Jimi came to our gang in the later years….donald found him…I dont know where….but Jimi became …..sigh….jimi became a real friend….i played music with him, I fought with him, I shot weddings with him, i laughed with him, I cried with him……and he died…..just out of nowhere….for me at least, he OD’d……he was in his twenties, he was an artist, he was more than he ever thought he was……I dont think he meant it….i think it was a tragedy and it wasnt supposed to happen, but it happened….and he became the only person I ever was friends with that OD’d….Thankfully…..We still talk about him, we still think about him…donald who was closer than any of us to him….made a tribute video for Jimi….I wish i had it to play for you right now…..donald….hijack my blog, send it to me whatever….i want my readers to know who Jimi Blitz was.   and if you want to hear his incredible bass playing…..man could he slap some bass……..oh man….im sorry….digressed pretty heavily there!!!   I miss ya Jimi!

ok let me try to get back on track, thru the tears…..Did I mention that if you looked at Jimi….you would never think he was funny…..but there were times he would come out of left field and blow you away with something hysterical….you never saw it coming…..he had a voice that you remember thirty years later too…..just a really memorable voice…….I loved playing a Between the Sheets song, live with Him…a song i wrote called “Live Show” and Jimi used to really get in to playing the whores on 42nd street that scream in the beginning of the song, along with Donald and other members of the band…..”tokens and silver dollars, we take them all honey, we got tiffany, we got mahogany, come inside, just a couple of tokens will get you the best live sex show youre gonna see today”…….

ok really im gonna get back on track…..yknow what?   I just got this gut feeling that maybe some of you are judging……Dont do That….you didnt know us…you werent there…..we werent all shooting smack!!! Far from it….Jimi had some problems …obviously we all know that now, I think I speak for all of us when I say, none of us knew that shit was going on….if we knew, trust me!   jimi would be reading this right now!!!!!

ok enough of that……It wasnt until I started writing him, that i realized jimi should and could and still might be a blog all to himself one day.

Me….Im fucking boring i guess now. I lost my mom at 17, didnt care much about school but I graduated….went to a crappy local college, cause it was all i could afford……I got accepted to emerson College in Boston, I wish I could have gone there, but I couldnt……Before i even got my degree, my girlfriends aunt made me an offer to become a projectionist ata top advertising agency in NYC where she was a big deal….the regular guy was taking a 1 year sabbaatical and i could have his job for 1 year for damn good money!!!   I was in, no having to think about it…..I had my own audio visual office witha bunch of projectors and I would take our clients new tv ads and Id splice them up and present them to a small audience of clients and account executives in our small in house theater……..whatan education, what a blast, what great vibes i got from everyone who worked there!!! It was mad men but 10 years later, but alot of it was still like it…..the account execs drank in their office, some of them got high, some of them probably did coke…..thats just an assumption, this was before my cocaine days……that year went fast, they loved me so much when it was time for me to go, they found me my next job , working for a company that made those late night television commercials.   Thats a whole story for another night too

anyway to make a long long story kinda short….i wound up back on long island, opening a video store with my brother and one of his friends, blockbuster came along and put us out of business, but i was no fool….i went and became a manager at Blockbuster….definitely another blog for another night….Now I run a Video transfer company, i put old films and videotapes on to digital media so people can watch them and put them on their computers and do all kinds of futuristic things with them. I moved to georgia 2 years ago, from New York….I was sad…..Im still sad…..I love New york…..I might go back some day…..it wouldnt surprise me, but life is pretty loose now, my wife Gloria and I…..we dont take things too seriously….my kids are out on their own pretty much, we are closer than ever to them, just not geographically….that bothers us, but we will address that problem no doubt at some later date…..I havent played music since i came down here…..that sucks real bad, i miss it….i was in a band for about 15 years with my 2 best friends Dave Clark and Jay Hallett….called 3 man Rush…..we were hot shit, kinda in Long Island for a while……I miss them, i miss the band…..My musical expression these days comes from KCMD VEEJAYS……we are on facebook…..do a search, youll find us……we play music …music for everyone, music you havent heard in a long time….music you forgot about, music you didnt know existed and now youre happy you discovered it…..check us out, dont be left out….youre gonna like us

i have things to say to the GOP Dc woman..elizabeth gautrant or whatever her name is for dissing Sasha and malia Obama….saying the should stop looking like whores in a bar….she apologized…..they always apologize!!!! But she meant it….and shes evil and ugly for saying it!!!

Walking Dead broke my heart this week!!!!!

The Newsroom is a phenomenal show that only has 2 episodes left!!!   im heartbroken about that too. AAron Sorkin, creator and writer is a GENIUS!!!    he did the west wing and sports night and studio 60 and picket fences and now this…….freaking crazy ass master screenwriter!!!!!

I like my job at 2nc alot!!    im sorry its like alot of other jobs, where theres alot of people, and it gets kinda soap-opera-y…..and gossipy….and drama filled……But it also amuses me ….for all of those same reasons….dont get me wrong ….the people who work there are great…..especially cause some of them may be reading this……but seriously……I think MTV could take this group and doa reality type show and it would be damn good!!!   Just saying

Im tired….I know i was all over the place, I think I didnt do a very good job, in what my original plan was for this blog, but at the same time….I hope youre reading this because you just dont know what the hell Im gonna talk about next……Im still gathering the balls to write my first serious and most likely controversial piece…….Ill definitely warn you when thats coming……Peace…ill cy’all on the Funway!!!!

Thats a song I want you to listen to. Ive decided I needed a theme song.  I love the chorus of this song: Who needs sleep(well youre never gonna get it) who needs sleep (tell me whats that for) who needs sleep(be happy with what youre getting, theres a guys been awake since the second world war)……Anyway, please listen to it, Im gonn a play a different song for about a week….and let you great folks, decide on whats going to be my theme song!!   How cool is that for you?

Now, If youre wondering, why the whole theme song thing…..yknow…..for a blog?!   well 1. thats a good question and 2. Youre probably not wondering at all……but you must realize by now, Im going to tell you, anyway. Just tonight….I wont go into this explanation every night….I want to fantasize that Im not actually writing a blog, that its more like Im doing a late,late,late night talk show….radio or Tv , it doesnt matter…..either way, I NEED a theme song….so Just Humor me and help me pick one. Thx.

All right, so tonight, like a couple of other nights this week, isnt even about insomnia….Im falling asleep at like 1 or 2…but my body is now taking over and waking me up at like 3:55 and saying “get up man, youve got a show!!  Thats the other thing, my brain is telling me I have a show to do…..not a blog to write.  This goes to a post about a week ago where I admitted all I ever really wanted to be was a famous rock star.

Ok so, I cant pretend about this anymore….Im 281 words into this thing….and alot of you may have noticed, that I have no real subject that Im talking about other than the whole theme song issue, which is really just side tracking you, because I dont have one particular thing I feel a great urge to write about this morning.  (I told you I would always be honest)

Umm…some things that crossed my mind, but i dismissed them:

Olive Kitteridge…..it was a 4 part HBO series that I finished watching tonight with Gloria…It was a sad, dark show. Not very light-hearted at all actually. well…I take that back, the first 3 hours and 45 minutes, was just painfully awkward and sad……the last 15 minutes, they added Bill Murray to the cast…..He played a dark, sad man……a conservative who listened to Rush limbaugh(which had to be a stretch for him) and yet somehow just having his face and voice around for that last 15 minutes, made you so much happier….it pulled you out of the near suicidal funk that you fall into every other time you watched the show. Really well done I highly recommend it. (you probably think Im being sarcastic, Im not….just dont watch more than 1 episode at a time, you’ll hurt yourself)

Georgia Tech beat Georgia in Overtime on Saturday. thats a sentence I never thought Id put together in my lifetime, before I moved down South. I dont want to talk too much about it, because youll realize im stupid…..i dont know much more about College Football….other than Georgia tech wasnt supposed to win that game. Georgia wins every year, since time began apparently . I was in the car for part of the game, it was on like 4 or 5 different radio stations!!!  Tv too…I wasnt home, so i dont know how many…i promise you it was more than one!. so yknow…Go georgia Tech…….I root for them , because they are the underdog, and i Like when the underdogs win. so I wish them nothing but a great rest of the season, i hope they score alot of Football points, and win more games so they can be in one of those “Bowl ” games on New years. Theres a lot more of those bowl games than there was when I was a kid….We had like the Rose Bowl and the Orange Bowl…..and thats ll i can really remember…..But I know all the big corporations own their own Bowls now….so i think theres a gekko Bowl, and a “Flo ” Bowl, and maybe the Dos Equis guy has a bowl, Im not really sure, so Im gonna just stop talking about Football right now.

Im sure i disappointed alot of people with my lack of knowledge there. Back in my hometown of bethpage, New York……i always knew if bethpage won the game. they most often did….and then they would get to play at Hofstra…..which was Long islands prestigious(tho not Ivy league school) but if you got to play there….it was a good thing. my son Justin played the state cup finals for soccer there, and his team won. that was fun for a few minutes.

I also had some thoughts about writing about Ferguson tonight. But I wasnt sure how many of you were really up on that, or if you might of thought I was talking about Craig ferguson the Late, Late night talk show host, whos one of the most funny, irreverant guys on TV….Its a shame he quit….Hes still on , right now, but he told CBS he was quitting, like soon. Alot of you probably didnt stay up till 1230 or so to watch him, he was Scottish and thats just funny to begin with….Scottish accents are just great.  Let me know if you were one of the people who watched Craig Ferguson….or for that matter if you know whats up with Ferguson, Missouri. im curious, just so I know who Im dealing with here and what I should or shouldnt talk about.

Ya see, I would do so much better at this if i could interview you people and find out what youre thinking about. Im gonna think about that a little more. I dont see any reason why I cant submit a series of questions to any one of you and you can send me all of that back with serious or funny responses, and I can use that as part of this Blog. id like to do that. i think that would be different and quite possibly further my career in the Blog-0-sphere as we insiders call it, im pretty sure. so if you want to submit to an interview with me , that would then appear on this blog….please yknow…facebook me , or leave a comment after the post and we’ll see how much fun people think that is. You dont get your own theme song tho!!

Its negotiable, everythings negotiable…..if you become like a fan favorite or get a recurrring role on my blog, or i decide I think I need a co-host or co-writer….i ll consider you having a theme song. But dont do it for the song….Im just saying…..

Ok, Im gonna wrap this up…..

Im gonna start throwing a few sponsors at you tonight:

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https://www.facebook.com/KCMD.Musicbox    Please come Like us …and Listen, whenever possible….A day without Music is a day you cant get back!!!

Thanks for reading this and hanging out with me……I get such great feedback from you guys….so Really….Thank You….Please spread the word about this blog…..

Yeah…Do your best to Quit Smoking…But dont watch those Ads!!

Hey guys…..Not gonna be an overwhelminly popular subject tonight.I am destined to hit a few dozen nerves and trigger points…..so I’ll apologize to those of you right off…..Glo, kids,My cardiologists around the globe(not really, the WHOLE globe!!).

I quit smoking February 25th, or let me be more accurate(and I learned this from my Big Brother….Im not taking the entire hit for this)   I had my last cigarette on February 25th, 2014. 9 months.  I had to be amongst the top ten candidates in Long island for people “least likely to never be seen without a cigarette in his hand) I was the “Newport Light Man! Not as rugged as “The Marlboro man”, granted…..but way better than the “Merit man” and leaps and bounds better than the “Virginia Slims” Man.

You guys who know me, you know the deal……I sucked my thumb till the ridiculous age of 11…..and not long after quitting switched to cigarettes. (Im exaggerating by 3 or 4 years….not much). I know its only To-Bac-co…but I liked it! I was a natural smoker……I looked good, Girls suddenly thought I was fascinating……I was just totally much much cooler, …..than when i was sucking my thumb.

I grew up in a house where my older sister smoked, my older brother smoked, my mom smoked and my dad smoked. I might be imagining this but I think my dog and one of our two parakeets smoked!!  and then….my friends started smoking, my teachers were smoking….Damnit Don Draper was smoking and everyone in his office!!!!!  How was i expected to not start smoking?

So thinks were just cruising along swimmingly for 25 years ….Pretty much….there was that whole thing about my mom, getting cancer of the “:everything” and dying when I was 17…..but that was just a horrid fluke. i was sure of that!   I was Spartacus!!!   Until November 17th , 1997……I was 40 years and 6 months old, married 12 years to my lovely wife, Gloria, father of 7 year old Justin and 11 year old Bryan.   I woke up on that Wednesday Morning….and as luck would have it….I was off from work…..i woke up at about 7am…..and something was weirdly not right, I had to go to the bathroom, or maybe i was nauseous, or maybe ……I dont know….something was happening to me, that was unlike anything I had ever experienced….i told Gloria…..I told her it was a little scary…..She told me I was probably coming down with something(why would she think anything else, I was a bit of a hypochondriac, to be honest) She rubbed my back and led me back to bed….she said…go back to sleep….Youll feel better after you sleep a while longer, but my head was telling me something different( I NEVER thought heart attack)….i just thought it was really weird and it hurt in places that I couldnt really describe….but with Gloria talking comforting things to me, and rubbing my head and my back and my shoulders…..I managed to fall back asleep…..for about an hour….maybe slightly longer….i woke up and the pain was still there, this “tightness” was still there….in my arm and across my shoulder s and in my stomach?…….this was going on about 4 hours now….and I started to really believe I should go to the Emergency room…..My gut told me something wasnt right….the hospital was 3 minutes away…gloria had to deal with the kids….i drove myself…..By the time i got to the emergency room, the pain had increased alot……I walked into the sign in desk and she took one look at me and she called for a stretcher….and the next thing I knew….i was on a stretcher, they were hooking an IV up to me, they were shoving oxygen up my nose…..alot of doctors and nurses surrounding me, yelling out names of drugs, hooking me up to all kinds of machines, asking me what level my pain was at, 1-10….it was like a 9 i think…..it was bad at this point….they gave me morphine, they gave me blood thinners….after a couple of hours they had me stabilized enough to have a doctor consolingly come up to me….and say ….these words “Mr Koch, You’ve had a heart attack”Thru all of this, I swear….i dont think that ever really crossed my mind, i just turned 40….i was a young guy, with young kids……having fun, playing in a band, coaching soccer……..I said “No I didnt”   he insisted with a great deal of authority that indeed i did, and they were gonna have to do an invasive procedure called an angioplasty…where they take a needle and tube with a camera on the end of it and slip it into my groin….and guide it thru my veins and arteries up until it reached my heart so they could see what was going on up there……..all i could think about was somebody call my wife, please somebody call my wife!!…and they did…and she was there in like 12 seconds….she was crying, I was crying….It wasnt one of my better moments.

4 days later, i had found out a bunch of stuff, I had 2 stents put into two different arteries to keep them propped open, they were 70% blocked with plaque which was what caused the heart attack….i had done a minimal amount of damage to the bottom part of my heart…..thankfully not one of the major zip codes in my heart…….my cholesterol was over 400(i was a really really really really bad eater, at the time) i wasnt obese, but i was carrying a few extra pounds……The plaque was almost certainly formed by the cholesterol in my blood which was 5 times what it should be…..no mention of cigarettes being the cause tho I was advised it was probably a smart idea to quit smoking right now….i was lucky they said

July 2001

september 15th 2001(4 days after 9/11)




and 2014(february

the other times i had chest pains, wound up in the emergency room, sometimes it was a heart attack, sometimes not….but every time except the last, i had more stents , put in more arteries.

the last time…..they had 2 arteries that were too small for them to put stents in, so they were just gonna leave it alone…I also got diagnosed with diabetes at that one….but thats another day

so thru all of these years, and episodes…my wife and kids and some friends and some family would encourage me to quit smoking…all to varying degrees of “meaning it”……and i had so many rationalizations about why i wasnt stopping….im not even gonna list them, because now they just seem so stupid

But in February of 2014…….some switch flicked on in my head…..I WAS DONE….No kidding, No Doubts, No trying, just doing….I WAS DONE……I finally saw the light, i finally saw what I was doing to my boys, to my wife…..to myself….and i KNEW IN MY DAMAGED HEART THAT i HAD SMOKED MY LAST CIGARETTE.

and so i came home….lucky for the 7th….8th time? that i wasnt dead yet……and i just didnt smoke……it wasnt easy, it wasnt hard…It just was…..there was no alternatives anymore, Id run out of rationalizations

Heres what I want to say….heres where i might get a few people pissed off……..Theres barely a day goes by, where for at least 2 or 3 minutes, i wanna jump in the car and go get a pack of cigarettes!   Thats right 9 months later……My brother stopped 9 years ago(or so) and he tells me ….same thing for him…wants a cigarette all the time…..amazing right?   they tell you a couple weeks….couple months tops…youre over it….youll feel great, you are cured….Not True……It never goes away……BUT…you handle it…..NOW…you can handle it….you just distract yourself for a minute or two….and its over……at least until the next day….or maybe you get lucky and its 2 or 3 days……but it will come back….the want, the desire

Do i know that i will never have a cigarette for the rest of my natural born life?   I know this…..If Im on my dying bed…..If ive got a week or two left…….Im gonna ask for a cigarette…And ill probaly enjoy the fuck out of it. thats what i think anyway…i could be wrong….maybe I wont want one….id be surprised tho

Im gonna make this last point quickly, but I want to talk about this alot more one day soon…..I see some wretched commercials, aimed at getting young peopel to stop smoking, or never start smoking……..theyre over the top, theyre creepy, theyre disturbing…..but trust me….when I smoked…I laughed at them……cause thats your mindset……now that im not smoking, think theyre sick…..theyre not stopping anyone from smoking, theyre just making people change the channel or hit the mute button……I dont know the answer, Im not that smart….we could start by doing what CVS did….stop selling them…..stop selling them everywhere…..make it ridiculous and expensive and criminal to be able to even get your hands on cigarettes……give out free ecigarettes ….the ones with absolutely no nicotine or chemicals at all….those helped me….they really did….now i chew on a pen….probaly looks stupid, but it works for me….I thought once i couldnt enjoy a cup of coffee, a concert, a movie, eating dinner out…..anything unless at the end I was getting rewarded with a cigarette…..i was SO SO SO SO wrong!!!    I am so so so so sos os so so sorry…..that it took me so long to figure it out….but dont get mad at me for this anyone!!!!   Nobodys gonna stop cause you want them to…….theyre gonna stop when the switch gets flicked….it will take something different for everyone……SIGH…Its a bIg sigh…I know…..But If i could stop smoking, I swear to you…..ANYBODY!!!!!! ANYBODY!!!!! can quit smoking…..

Biting down and owning it!

I shouldnt be writing now! Ive got to be at work in about 6 hours. Im in the middle of working a six days in a row. I think everyone at work is feeling some kind of combined “which wrong turn did I make to get to retail?”.  Im an anomaly there, but I like that. Ive always been the rebel, always been going places that no man has gone before(I just put the the last line in for ZC!)  Its a young peoples place….2nd and Charles…Look us up….go to our facebook page, lots of pictures of the “Team” and the goings on at 2nc…….go “like” 2nc kennesaw….My managers will like that I told you to do so……I used to be my bosses….not very long ago at all……I was the manager, I had the weight of the world on my shoulders…..about meeting sales goals, controlling payroll, controlling inventory, P&L, Being the shrink for all my associates……Keeping the customers and my employees happy and MY bosses……..I got burned out, i did that for too long, I Got too old, lost my patience for that……..would I take that job if someone thru 50 or 60 grand at me…..hell yeah!  I can turn on a dime with the rest of them!!

But thats not happening here any time soon……Too many people in the line ahead of me……and theyve, got so much less gray in their hair.   Im happy doing this and running a small video transfer business from my home, I get to be the boss there.

But Back to being the old guy in the pool of twenty and thirty somethings. Something kind of funny happened tonight(last night?)  that explains the disconnect a little. (Just go with me here, that you know what I do there…..I buy peoples stuff) so Im buying in a bout 2 dozen Lego minifigures…..I have to price them at the right price, which means I kinda have to know who each figure represents. Now obviously, those of you who know me , know Im no stranger to POP culture…..but OH Theres another generational layer of pop culture that creeped in under me , after my kids grew up and didnt need me to buy them toys and games and the latest trendy things.   But I digress….as usual…..so im not gonna use real names here….if theyre reading this, theyll know who they are…..so Bambi comes over and starts helping me with the names of some of these figures, so it would make it easier for me to do some comparative pricing.  Theres Groot!   and he seems to be a big (figuratively and literally) deal. bambi likes him….not as much as she likes Modak…..she definitely is crushing on Modak. So i recognize superman and Batman, and even iron Man and Harry potter……but not falcon or rocket raccoon….and many many others. at one point I pick up Falcon who has this white face, almost a clowns face and because I saw Batman, I asked Bambi if this was the joker?

WELL!!!    it was as if I told the worlds best joke, because I got a heart laugh/giggle(like OH Alan!!) from Bambi……It was apparently so good of a joke that when Chelsea walked by and stopped to admire the coolness of Modak and Groot and a few others, Bambi shared the story of my joker mistake, Chelsea also thought, Oh damn, Alan, Alan….how amusing….youre so silly!!    So I said, blushing a bit, im sure….Now you two may find it hysterical that I thought Falcon was the Joker…..But I find it amusing that you grown-ass people know the names of all these damn Lego Minifigures!!!!   Its all a matter of perspective!!!  Granted, I was being a little defensive, but i also thought I had a fairly decent point…In fact, they didnt deny this fact, nor were they offended by it. Thye were proud of it. And that continued to make me feel inadequate

So , Ive got one thing going in my favor, if i have to think of one……for the most part, they begrudgingly accept that I know my music stuff pretty well, theyre happy to give me all the vinyl and cds that come in and of course guitars and most musical instruments…. so  I dont fel like a total loser…..and theres a couple of other people my age there, tho not in my apartment…..but honestly……Ive never had much of a problem getting along with anybody, whether older than me , younger than me, Black, white yellow, gay, straight……..I think all my longtime friends reading this, certainly know that much about me. They dont make them much more liberal and open minded than me……..

For the most part, I dont get treated much differently, try not to treat anyone differently…….I have my moments where I feel a little left out of a conversation, or social thing…..or whatever…..but I have to expect that……I cant keep getting older and play with the kids anymore, not when I have kids the same age…..I guess I write about it now, because I seem to be spending  a whole lot of my life there now….More than originally intended. It sometimes interferes with my video business, but my video business has proven that its never going to be as consistent as I want it to be…….So I need 2NC…..and if I have to have a job like this for supplemental income, theres a whole lot worse things I could be doing. I wouldnt want to be getting up in 3 hours to go to work at WalMart to break boxes, or be a cashier……At least being around things like books and music and yes EVEN THINGS like Groot And Falcon…..makes me feel like Im still cool, I can still chill with the cool kids……Ill know who Groot is next time!!!   Thanks to Bambi!!

Do we Become Less Thankful as we get older?

Hi Kids…..Hey….Its here….first of the big 3 right? Thanksgiving. The other 2 of course being National Pop Tart Day and Dick Clarks Day.(for those under 35, Ryan Seacrests Day……..Please lets leave Carson daly out of it!)

Ok so this post is gonna be semi-random, and maybe inappropriate, and somewhat scattered. So…..Pretty much like all the rest!   well….first of all, the title of this blog….I wanted to make it longer, by adding or do we just find different thinks to be thankful for?…..which may be more accurate.   For some of us, Im sure not all of us.

My wife often reminds me, I have so much to be thankful for, when compared to say…..an ant. Or Amanda Bynes.   And I do, intellectually i know this : My 2 sons are in their 20’s , with great, great girlfriends, and great ,great futures…..and If I had any small part in making that happen…..Well, Thats something to be damn thankful for, and I am. I am thankful for my wife, who has remained my wife, what will soon be 30 years. I dont know what would have become of me, had I not found her. I shudder to think.

I am thankful, all the time, for the gift of having so many friends, for so long, and so eternally…..I think its amazing….and I know Im in the minority. I have to especially mention….not just my friends , who had always been my friends from High school…..Division Avenue, In Levittown, Long Island…..but especially to the ones who thru social media, have become even closer to me, decades down the road, when we were at best just classmates in the 70’s. there are some of you, I hope you know who you are , that I really cherish and always brings a smile to my face, when I think of our friendship now…..and i say to myself……why didnt we spend more time back then, throwing away the high school shit and just getting to know each other. I want to name some names, but I wont….I just hope the couple of dozen of you know who you are!!

Altho, I miss New York, with emotions I couldnt possibly put into words, I am thankful I finally have started to feel like there are people down here, who I CAN relate to, and there are some beautiful things in Georgia….not the least of which , is living and being so close to my Brother , Mart…and his family. They have been saviors for Gloria and I down here, continually helping us make the physical and emotional adjustments. And you just wont get this , unless youre from down here, I am thankful for Publix(our supermarket) where shopping TRULY is a pleasure!!!!

So now that Ive made everything all warm and fuzzy, i question how much i really want to let the other shoe drop……..maybe not as much as when I first conceived of this post, but I never ever want to write this blog, where i promise to be forthcoming and honest and then become submissive to “lobbyists” and hence become disingenuous.   (BTW, thank you to Theresea greifenberger, who I knew in High School as Terri Ward….for commenting what a great idea she thought this blog was, i hope I dont ever disappoint you theresa….and I want you to know that meant alot to me….and youre one of the people I was talking about earlier!)…..so anyway…..since we;ve been down here and it is just 2 years and 1 month ….this will be our third thanksgiving here, and tho its still befuddling not to have my boys here(tho they , without fail are here for xmas)  we spend it with My Brother, and his wife and my nephew, and my sister-in laws, sister. And before we eat every year, tho they are not “over the top” religious, a grace, or prayer is always in order , and tho i am not shy when it comes to public speaking, I tend to leave this one to my brother……and I sense , it becomes harder every year to keep a straight face for every thing we are thankful for…..because lets be honest…..theres alot to be pretty pissed off about too, isnt there?   Especially as we get a little older each year? Most of us , my age and older….dont have our parents anymore…..and thats always sad, no matter how old we get. Ive not had my mother since i was 17, and my wifes mother , for the past 5 years……It sucks….its always sucked, and lets be honest, not having your mom at the holidays is just sad. I know friends who have lost their parents this year…and I am so sorry, you guys…….but because its how we are programmed, we just march forward…….

Health….My health, my familys health, my friends health…..tends to take on all kinds of new terms and phrases as time passes….Its no secret, I became truly unhealthy for the first time right after turning 40…Heart attack…..which stamped me forever with someone who has and always will have CAD (coronary artery disease) Im still here 17 years later and I swear to you….i really am thankful for that…..because Ive had relapses….and I didnt quit smoking cigarettes until 9 months ago….But yknow…your hearts kinda the organ youd pick on any game show, if they asked you….”name the organ you would least want to have a problem with”?

so theres that and theres the aches and pains and tiredness and exhaustion that just comes now, with going and coming to work. They suck….they can be mildly annoying to “what did I do to deserve this?, but either way they start rearing their ugly heads and we grin and bear it….because again….thats just what most of us do.

And then….and Im sorry if Im starting to delve a little too deep down now……theres the whole “invisibility” thing. Maybe this isnt happening to all of us quite yet, but you become an age, or you reach a point where you cant deny it anymore……you have become “invisible’ to a large section of the population. If we are lucky enough to still have jobs, alot of us deal with not being the most important person at work anymore….thats usually someone closer to your kids age now, than it is someone your age(oh yeah, yeah there are those exceptions….I know). But its humbling, and frustrating, and sad, and infuriating, and confusing, and all in all just doesnt seem right or fair…..im sure some of you know what Im talking about. Alot of my friends have already been let go, or laid off, or offered an early retirement package……and a card…that may or may not say “happy irrelevancy”

If youre feeling well, if you have the time on your hands, if youre a go-getter still…you wake up every day and damnit , you dont let any of that keep you down!!   You go to the gym, you have lunch with friends, you go out to dinner(if you can still afford it)….and life is still a bowl of cherries….You were smart, you put some cash away….and as long as you have your health and your spouse and family….this chapter of your life could be the best and most liberating ever….and you guys definitely have no trouble being genuinely thankful on Thanksgiving!!!!

So heres hoping that is more of you, that thats most of you, rather than the mall majority….that later today, youre gonna be in high spirits…singing the great refrain from my friend Donalds song “Its great to be alive, Its great to be alive!”

and for thos e of you who may not be quite so genuinely cheery……theres Pumpkin pie baby!   And you woke up today!

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!!